2020 Engineering School Rankings: ECAM Lyon, France’s 2nd-best private school

French student monthly L’Etudiant has just published its 2020 Engineering School Rankings. In all, 167 public and private engineering schools in France were compared based on various criteria, including international outreach, academic excellence, relationships with the business world and more.

Overall, ECAM Lyon ranks as France’s number 2 private engineering school.

Understanding the L’Etudiant rankings

Eagerly awaited by students and their families, these annual rankings are sometimes decisive when it comes to choosing an engineering school.

To establish these rankings, L’Etudiant uses certified data from the French Engineering Degrees Commission (CTI) and the Conference of French Engineering School Directors (CDEFI), taking into consideration some 50 criteria clustered in four main subject areas: Academic Excellence, Relationships with Businesses, International Outreach and Openness to New Audiences.

The data come from the 5 engineering programs delivered by ECAM LaSalle, the owner and guarantor of degrees from two schools, ECAM Lyon and ECAM Strasbourg-Europe. These 5 engineering programs are taught at ECAM Lyon and one of them – ECAM Arts et Métiers –  is also taught at ECAM Strasbourg-Europe. This is why the rankings refer to “ECAM Lyon – Strasbourg ».

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ECAM Lyon keeps moving up in the rankings

Compared to the 2019 rankings, ECAM Lyon is continuing to move up. It is now considered as the 2nd-best private engineering school in France, and ranks 13th among all university level engineering programs (out of 77 public and private schools), thus climbing 6 places from last year.

In particular, ECAM Lyon’s very close relationships with businesses were lauded. For example, this year alone, nearly 300 companies have met with engineering students to discuss their future career opportunities.

ECAM Lyon also ranks high for the percentage of its recent graduates working in foreign countries (28%).

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Focus on innovative teaching

Alongside these rankings, in an article entitled “Discover Engineering Schools with Innovative Teaching Methods”, L’Etudiant writes that ECAM Lyon uses technology to innovate in its approach to education.

One example is the use of virtual reality, with L’Etudiant explaining “ECAM Lyon teaching staff, in collaboration with engineering students and specialized firms, are working to create lab classes (TPs) using virtual reality in order to enable students to discover and be proficient in this technology.

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