313 New Graduates Join ECAM Alumni

ECAM Lyon added 241 new engineers to its Alumni network  after its graduation ceremony on November 18, 2017. Among the 241 graduates there are:

  • 72 from the ECAM Mechanical and Industrial Engineering program
  • 22 from the ECAM Energy, Exploitation, and Maintenance program
  • 10 from the ECAM Wood Construction, Energy, and Logistics program
  • 137 from the ECAM Arts et Métiers General Engineering program

To cap this wonderful day and celebrate the class of 2017’s achievements, a dedicated team of staff-members worked around the clock to organize a gala on the campus. The movie La La Land served as the inspiration for “Gala Land – School of Stars.”  Over 700 guests took part in a jazzy dinner and dance in ECAM’s gymnasium, which was completely made-over for the event.

In addition to ECAM Lyon’s 241 graduates, 72 new engineers were the first to graduate from ECAM Strasbourg-Europe’s ECAM Arts et Métiers general engineering program.

Congratulations to the 313 new engineers and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

ECAM Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Class of 2017


ECAM Energy, Exploitation, and Maintenance, Class of 2017


ECAM Wood Construction, Energy, and Logistics, Class of 2017