ECAM Engineering

Professional immersion
In brief
  • Access : BAC – BAC+2
  • Degree : BAC+5 | Master Degree | Double Diploma
  • Pace : Full-time
  • Back-to-school : September
  • Language : English


This program aims to meet the high expectations of the industry, service and consulting sectors. It seeks to address the challenges of the digital and societal transition facing young engineers and respond to issues related to current organisational and technological changes.

Our engineers specialising in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering are prepared to complete part of their career internationally thanks to bilingual proficiency and the ability to adapt to the various sectors of the socio-professional world. The skills they acquire will allow them to adapt to different cultures and achieve their career goals.

The engineering degree opens the door to doctoral studies for students wishing to pursue basic and industrial research.




The advantages

  • An international program: multi-site training conducted in France (Lyon) and at least 1 year studying abroad
  • Students are evaluated via continuous assessment, with progressive specialisation.
  • An introduction to the world of entrepreneurship

Students with disabilities can
benefit from personalized services and teaching accommodations. More information.

Skills developed: 
Manage a project or business in an international and multicultural context

draft functional specifications, conduct technical studies, define the key success factors for a multi-sector industrial project and negotiate with suppliers using a responsible societal and environmental approach.

Lead, coordinate and implement a continuous improvement approach and drive change

simulations, role plays, case studies…

Manage an industrial activity or a technical support service in an organisational manner with a multidisciplinary team

introduction to the world of entrepreneurship, team management, participation in defining an industrial transformation, implementation of strategies.

Industrialise or deploy an industrial activity or technical or technological product/process

implement a solution based on a prototype, set up production facilities, integrate energy transition issues  


ECAM LaSalle engineering graduates specialising in “Mechanical and Electrical Engineering” are high-level technical and scientific engineers who are trained in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics, robotics, energy, electricity and supply chain management. Sustainable development issues are integrated throughout the program. These courses are rounded out with the acquisition of skills in management, project management, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation and the normative and regulatory knowledge they need for their activities.

The curriculum consists of a common core, two and a half years (5 semesters) of general education, followed by two and a half years (5 semesters) of gradual specialisation. There are four specialisations. Students must choose their pathway at the beginning of third year, which will thereby become an integral part of their student-engineer course.

This multidisciplinary training, taught entirely in English, allows future engineers to become proficient in the fields of energy, advanced mechanics, robotics, and industrial excellence while also developing their design and analysis skills. They can earn of 30 ECTS each semester.

The first two and a half years (5 semesters) are composed of general courses. They lay the fundamental scientific groundwork using collaborative teaching methods. The last two and a half years (5 semesters) allow you to specialise and consolidate your skills through projects and internships.

International students can also take French language and culture courses. By the end of the program, students will need to have mastered at least two languages: English (C1) and French (B2), in addition to their native language, if applicable.

The courses include the following:

  • Engineering sciences:  mechanics, materials science, electricity and electronics.
  • Production and processes, to enable students to become designers of production tools for the fields of robotics, technology and mechanics.
  • Industrial project management, to take into account the product’s use during the design phase and its integration into complex systems.
  • Management sciences, for a better understanding of the innovation and development processes companies use and value creation mechanisms.
  • Intercultural communication: opens the door to the scientific world, not only through proficiency in foreign languages, but also through the soft skills needed in international settings for a better understanding of the global world.


Student-engineers spend the fifth year of the programme at an international partner university. These academic partners are leaders in the field of specialisation they have chosen.

Students can choose to specialise in one of four areas of specialisation, called “pathways”. Before choosing an area of specialisation, student-engineers learn about them at workshops during the second year of the programme. These workshops take place over four weeks during the second year.


The 4 fields of specialisation (pathways) :


Robotics and Automation Engineering :

Robotics has dramatically changed the economy in recent decades. In the automotive sector, for example, robotisation has truly revolutionised the industry. There is a real need for highly trained workers who can integrate robotics into numerous systems. This specialisation will teach you how to define the specifications of a robot and how to control it in relation to a given application. You will enjoy experimenting with simulated and real robots, whether it be with robotic arms or mobile robots.

Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering :

This specialisation provides an understanding of the energy transition challenge. It pertains to the design and development of various strategies aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs. The specialisation covers the design of renewable energy facilities and the development of energy optimisation models for systems and machines. The aim is to better manage energy production and distribution. This specialisation enables students to analyse the effect of energy practices on the environment and the local economy, as well as the crucial issue of equipment maintenance and recycling.

Mechanical Engineering :

Mechanical design covers engineering principles which apply the basics of physics, mathematics and engineering sciences to optimally meet a set goal. Engineering students use their creativity to find effective technical solutions that meet mechanical design challenges. They develop optimal design models that can operate efficiently and safely by selecting the right materials, while also integrating including realistic constraints, such as economic factors.

The key qualities of a mechanical design engineer are flexibility, positive attitude, organisation and attention to detail.

Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management :

One of the current challenges is the management of industrial organisation, from production costs to the release of products on the market. To remain competitive, the industry of the future responds to this challenge by innovating through processes, technology, methods and supply chains to meet customers’ needs. The industrialisation project enables you to learn how to design and create the factory 4.0 factory of the future.

The course program
Year 1

Mathematics: mathematics for engineers, computer programming

Basic Sciences: electrical circuit theory, mechanics, chemistry, mechanical design, metrology, thermodynamics, manufacturing process, electronic principles and technology

Projects: engineering Fablab workshops, sustainable development,

Professional and personal development: psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, foreign languages, self-awareness

Operator internship (4 weeks minimum)

Year 2

Mathematics: mathematics for engineers, databases, introduction to digital simulation

Mechanics: mechanical design, general mechanics, fluid mechanics, gear modelling and force analysis, materials, solid Mechanics

Electrical engineering: digital design, electrical networks, electronic circuits and systems, embedded software, electrostatics, magnetostatics

Multidisciplinary project: sustainable development, group projects,

Pathway discovery: lecture series, industrial site visits and practical work

Professional and personal development: micro and macroeconomics, management, foreign languages, communication

Implementation internship (3 months)

Year 3

Mathematics: mathematics for engineers, security and networks, object-oriented programming

Mechanics: strength of materials, introduction to heat transfer

Electrical engineering: power electronics, electrical machines

Industrial organisation: industrial organisation methodology

Project: Eco-design

Professional and Personal Development: cultural awareness (art, literature, cinema), marketing, foreign languages

Specialisation module

Year 4

Sustainable management: operational quality, lean management, corporate social responsibility, carbon footprint

Management and entrepreneurship: business and sales, international relations and natural resources, foreign languages, cultural awareness

Innovation project: group work in multidisciplinary teams on product innovation

Specialisation module

Year 5

Double degree from an academic program at a partner university

Engineering internship or Master Thesis (depending on the partner university) (17 weeks minimum): Lear more about partner institutions

Double diplomas

ECAM LaSalle relies on the expertise of its international academic partners to make these study abroad opportunities possible. All of these agreements and associated conditions (number of places open and terms of admission, any additional tuition fees) are presented to engineering students when the choose their specialisation.

Profesionnal immersion

Internships are mandatory during the ECAM Engineering program; they are awarded credits.

The academic schedule includes three internships:

  • The “operator” internship (4 weeks minimum): experience in the manufacturing sector, maintenance, quality, warehouse worker…
  • The “application” internship (14 weeks minimum): experience as a senior technician in a design office, maintenance department, methods department…
  • The “engineer internship”* (17 weeks minimum): a true engineering assignment conducted independently, under the responsibility of an engineer from the company…

* The engineer internship will be replaced by the Master’s Thesis performed at the partner university if the Master’s Thesis meets the criteria 



Engineering is considered as one of the career fields of the future, and as demand for engineers outpaces the supply, engineers can expect to find interesting and dynamic careers in the industry of their choice. ECAM LaSalle has strong ties to industry and a reputation of excellence in engineering that our students take with them throughout their lives.

These ECAM Lasalle advantages give our students a head-start on their careers as 92% find a job within 2 months after graduating. Our international focus not only contributes to our students’ development as individuals and global actors, it also makes them more competitive in the global marketplace. All of these advantages gives our graduates the necessary tools to compete in today’s economy.

The multidisciplinary nature of the ECAM Engineering program paired with the specialized Master’s degree from one of our outstanding partner universities means that graduates can easily enter the worldplace and advance to senior positions.


The ECAM Engineering program is a 5-year engineering course. International students will be able to apply from November 15th, 2023 to June 28th, 2024 via our online Admission Platform. Based on your academic background, applications will be possible for the the years 1, 2 and 3. Please note that ECAM LaSalle only offers a fall semester entry. 

A rigorous admission process 

As a member of the Conference of the ‘Grandes Ecoles’ (CGE), ECAM LaSalle operates a demanding selective recruitment process to guarantee the quality of its program.  In order to be admitted to ECAM LaSalle, each student must submit the requested documents and must attend a scientific test and a recruitment interview online. Each candidate will also need to prove his/her English proficiency level. 

The online scientific test will allow the Admission Board members to gauge the scientific level of each candidate. Should the candidate meet the requirements he/she will take the online interview in which we will explore the candidates’ motivation, and professional ambitions. The aim of the interview is to get to a better understanding of candidates’ personality and ensure that their values are in keeping with those of the school. 

Admission Conditions 

Year of Study  Maximum Age on January 1st 2024 
Year 1  23 
Year 2  24 
Year 3  25 

As a ‘Grande École’, we apply stringent application requirements for all of our prospective students. Depending on your situation, you may have different admission requirements. 

1st year Admission

Entry requirement for 1st year applicants: 

All candidates fulfilling the admission criteria described below will undergo the same application process. 

  • Holders of a French Baccalaureate, please  visit the following page 
  • Holders of an international education diploma (IB, A-Level, American Baccalaureate, etc.) 
  • Holders of other high-school leaving degree with scientific focus
  • Mathematics and Physics (Mechanics, electricity….) were taught without interruption for the two final years of High School. Maths HL and Physics HL are required for IB students.
  • Your level of English is at least B2 (CEFR)
  • Be no more than 23 years old on January 1st, 2024
  • You do not have more than one year of interruption in your studies


Applicants who do not fulfill the above conditions are eligible on a case by case basis. Please contact the Admission Office for more information: admission.engineering@ecam.fr

2nd and 3rd year Admission

Entry requirement for 2nd year and 3rd year applicants:

Criteria Conditions
Max Age Year 2 Be no more than 24 years old on January 1st, 2024
Max Age year 3 Be no more than 25 years old on January 1st, 2024
Gap year You do not have more than one year of interruption in your studies
English level Your level of English is at least B2 (CEFR)


Year 2: You have successfully completed 1 year of studies of a technical degree: engineering, sciences or mathematics (60 ECTS credits)

Year 3: You have successfully completed 2 years of studies of a technical degree: engineering, sciences or mathematics (120 ECTS credits)


Your current syllabus must correspond to the subjects and core themes studied in ECAM Engineering during years 1 and 2.

Application process step by step

The application process will depend on candidates’ secondary education qualifications and to the year of study he/she is applying: 


Application process for international

Step 1: via the admission platform, you will need to submit an application form and upload all the requested documents. 

Step 2: first of all you will receive an email inviting you to take an online scientific test. The test is a multiple-choice and it is divided into two sections: mathematics and physics (mechanics and electricity).

For the Math section, applicants will be examined on the following topics: functions, trigonometry, algebra, logarithmic and exponential functions, integration, numerical solution of equations, complex numbers. 

If your results meet the requirements, you will be invited to take the online pre-recorded interview. You will be given a time limit to answer orally a few questions regarding yourself and your motivation to join our program. Your answers will be recorded and then reviewed by the Admission Board members. 

Step 3: once the application process is completed, your application will be assessed on a rolling bases by the Admission Board Members. An Admission Board will take place on a monthly basis, started from January 2024. 

Admission boards dates :

  • Wednesday, January 17th, 2024
  • Wednesday, February 14th, 2024
  • Wednesday, March 13th, 2024
  • Monday April 8th 2024
  • Wednesday May 15th, 2024
  • Wednesday June 12th, 2024
  • Monday July 8th 2024 – Only applications from students who do not require a visa will be examined during the final admissions board


Step 4: candidates who successfully make it through the admissions panel will need to prove their English proficiency. An online test will sent to the applicants who have not a valid English qualification dating less than 18 months (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Certificates etc.), proving at least a B2 level. English native speakers are exempt from the English test.

The online English test consists of 3 stages in which applicants must provide their answer within a given time limit: 

  • 5 questions with video answers from applicants 
  • an audio or video news excerpt with 10 multiple choice questions 
  • a short writing exercise of 150 words minimum 


We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to evaluate language proficiency. A minimum B2 level in English is required to be admitted into the ECAM Engineering program. 

Candidates successfully completing the English assessment will receive an admission offer. 

Wishing to apply?

Apply Here


Admitted students will have to confirm their enrollment via the Admissions Portal prior to a given deadline. In order to confirm the enrollment, a 3 000€ Registration Fee payment is mandatory. This amount will be then deducted from the total amount of the first year tuition fees. 

The Registration Fee is non refundable. Exceptions will only be made in case of Visa denials or certified force majeure reasons. In both cases, official supporting documents will be required to examine the refund request. 

For any inquiries on the admission process, please contact the Admission Office at admission.engineering@ecam.fr. 

Requested documents

1st year applicants: 

  • a copy of passport or identity card 
  • copies of high school transcripts (2022/2023 and 2023/2024 are mandatory) 
  • a résumé detailing personal and academic achievements 
  • a motivation letter about your future study plans explaining why you are applying for the ECAM Engineering program 
  • if available, a copy of English Proficiency certificate 


Upper years applicants: 

  • a copy of passport or identity card 
  • copies of last two years of high school transcripts and a copy of the High School leaving certificate
  • copies of all available post-secondary school transcripts 
  • a résumé detailing your personal, academic, and professional achievements 
  • a motivation letter about your future study plans explaining why you are applying for the ECAM Engineering program 


Applicants are responsible for checking their own applications to ensure that all the requested documents are submitted correctly and by the given deadlines. Incomplete applications will not be assessed.  

Additional documents 

Documents that are not in your possession at the moment of application (such as a copy of your High School Leaving Degree and the final grades fro first year applicants) must be sent via email to the Admission Department no later than July 28th, 2024 at admission.engineering@ecam.fr 

ECAM LaSalle has the right to verify the authenticity of all received documents (during or after the application process). All candidates admitted following the use of fake documents will be refused and his/her results may be invalided. 

Applications for the 2024-2025 Academic Year are possible via the following link from November 15th, 2023 to June 28th, 2024.

Apply Here


Tuition fees for ECAM Engineering

  • Years 1 and 2 : 6,150 euros/year 
  • Year 3 and 4: 8,850 euros/year 
  • Year 5: 9,500 euros/year (additional fees may apply for some double degrees).

On-campus Housing 

Individual rooms with shared kitchen: about 1,750 euros per term based on the type of accommodation 

Medical Insurance 

All students with a long-term visa (VLS-TS) are covered by the National Health Insurance. 

Finance your schooling 

  • Scholarships available for students from the Lasallian and IALU networks 
  • Mobility scholarships available for non-French international students 

Payment Methods 

Tuition and Housing 

Deposit to secure enrollment 

3,000 euros to be enrolled in the ECAM Engineering Program.
Please note that this is a non-refundable fee. Exceptions will only be made in case a student visa is refused by the French Consulate.

Deposit to confirm reservation of an individual room 1 month of rent
Please note that this is a non-refundable fee. Exceptions will only be made in case a student visa is refused by the French Consulate.