Upper years Admission

Criteria for admission

Admissions into Year 4 or Year 5 of the ECAM Engineering program will not be possible for the Academic Year 2019/2020. Only applications for Year 2 and Year 3 might be sent.

This type of admission mainly concerns the following students:

  • Students from French preparatory programs (CPGE) or DUT;
  • International students who can show proof of equivalent university education abroad.

Applications are then treated by the Admission Board who renders its decision on a monthly basis starting from January 2019.

Admissions into Year 2 and 3 of the ECAM Engineering Program are only offered to candidates with strong motivation and excellent academic performance who have successfully completed at least 2 years of University Education studies. Based on awarded credits and subjects covered, the Admission Board will decide whether or not a candidate is eligible to apply for an admission into Y2 or Y3.


Students wishing to apply for the second or third year of the ECAM Engineering program need to meet the following pre-requirements:

  • For an admission into Y2, the applicant is younger than 24
  • For an admission into Y3, the applicant is younger than 25
  • The applicant has successfully completed at least 2 years of undergraduate studies
  • The applicant does not have more than one year of interruption in their studies

Requested documents

Via the Admission Platform the applicant will be required to upload:

  • A résumé detailing your personal, academic and professional achievements
  • Copies of grades and credits obtained during university studies (for each year)
  • Class average and your rank in the class
  • A letter of motivation from the applicant (which will include the desired level of admission)
  • Copies of grades obtained during the last two years of High School
  • Copy of the High School Leaving Certificate
  • Copy of your passport or identity card
  • English Proficiency certificates, etc.

Additional documents

Documents that are not in your possession at the moment of application (such as a copy of your final grades) must be sent via email to the Admission Department no later than July 15, 2019 at recruitment.int@ecam.fr .

Applications for the Academic Year 2018- 2019 are open from mid-November to July 10, 2019 via the following link:  http://admissions.ecamengineering.com/int

Application process

Before registering on the online Admission platform, students wishing to be considered for Y2 or Y3 of the ECAM Engineering Program need to send an email to the Admission Office at recruitment.int@ecam.fr in order to indicate the desired level admission.


How does the pre-recorded video interview work?

Once you receive the invitation for the interview, you will have 10 days to record it.

The interview lasts around twenty minutes and you will have to reply to the questions that have been prepared in advance by the recruitment team. You will need to answer either by recording a deferred video, writing a short text or answering a multiple choices question.

Members of the Admission Board will then review your answers and they will evaluate your motivation and your experiences, your scientific level and your English proficiency level.

The interview will last approximately 20 minutes; you will have a few seconds of preparation for each question and, depending on the type question, few seconds/minutes to answer.

Please visit the EasyRECrue website for more information about the pre-recorded interview and on how to succeed