Wood, construction, energy and logistics

ECAM Lyon’s Wood Construction, Energy, and Logistics program concentrates on a dynamic sector in which many ECAM engineers already work, but also prepares future engineers at its Bourg-en-Bresse campus for tomorrow’s environmental and economic constraints.
Students at the end of this program become operational engineers with strong scientific, technical, and managerial skills. Graduating engineers work with wood in the first and second transformations.

  • Key Features
  • Program
  • Core tasks
  • Careers
  • Tuition fees
  • Admissions

At a glance


    2 years of undergraduate studies or Bachelor’s

    3 years

    • 1st year: 50% classwork and 50% company presence
    • 2nd year: 40% classwork and 60% company presence
    • 3rd year: 10 % classwork and 3-6 months abroad

    • Construction
    • Energy
    • Purchasing / Logistics
    • Achats / Logistique : Logistique et transport

    Centre ECAM Ain Bourg-en-Bresse

    3 months abroad during year 3

2 years of Undergraduate Studies in the following:

  • BTS :
    • Charpente – Couverture
    • Développement et Réalisation Bois
    • Système construction Bois Habitat
  • DUT :
    • Génie Mécanique et Productique
    • Génie Civil
    • Génie Thermique et Energie
  • Licence Pro :
    • Bois construction
    • Bâtiment à Energie Positive et Construction Bois

Prospective students with other degrees are requested to contact recrutement.isp-bois@ecam.fr.

  • Foundation Year :

Prospective students who cannot immediately be accepted into the program because of their level of studies or subjects studied may be considered for a foundation year program.

Application Procedure

Before March: application via https://dossierenligne.ecam.fr/bois
April/May: Interviews and technical tests
Early-June: Admissions results
July/August: Final enrollment
September: Start of program

Tuition fees are entirely paid for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and the CCI de l’Ain.

Students are paid by their host company according to two different schemes: contrat d’apprentissage for students under 26 years old or formation continue for continuing education employees.

Application fees: €75

The Wood Construction, Energy, and Logistics program prepares engineers for careers in:


Students in their host companies carry out:

  • Business skill acquisition
  • 3 industrial projects (1 per year)
  • 2 month project abroad

Project examples: forestry product industrialization, creation of a wood worksite, applying logistics organization, responding to bids, work oversight

The program is a part-time master’s program with 1800 hours of classwork (800 hours for wood) and 2800 hours of company presence. Classwork is divided as follows:

ECAM Lyon works with the following partners for this program:

MFR de Cormaranche                           CCI de l’Ain