Adrien earns a dual degree and 2 academic prizes at the University of Leicester

On 17 January, Adrien Emerich, an ECAM Arts & Métiers student in the class of 2019, received his dual degree at the prestigious University of Leicester, one of England’s most renowned higher education institutes.

In addition to earning his dual degree, Adrien further distinguished himself by winning two prestigious awards! This gave us the opportunity to ask him a few questions about what he has done so far and his future plans.

A flawless general engineering education

I discovered the school at the Open House and two things appealed to me: the setting, with a magnificent view of the city of Lyon, and the ECAM spirit, which I felt among teachers and students alike. In 2014, I enrolled in the ECAM Arts et Métiers general engineering program.

The ECAM preparatory classes were a formative experience in my schooling. The pace was steady, yet left room for personal fulfillment, which enabled me to start out on solid footing.

“This is what makes ECAM Lyon so great: there are many ways to develop, and everyone can decide which direction to take. “

When I arrived in the engineering program, I discovered the main scientific subjects engineers need to study, and I got an idea of those I liked the most, in particular CAD, materials and structures. Alongside this, I became manager of the weight room in 4th year. This is what makes the school so great: there are many ways to develop, and everyone can decide which direction to take.

An enriching experience at the University of Leicester

My goal was to earn a dual degree entirely in English, to give me the opportunity to work abroad in the future. ECAM Lyon has agreements with many partner universities abroad, and taking part in the International Forum helped me choose the University of Leicester.

Leicester is a very pleasant multicultural city. There are many places to visit and events are regularly held here.

Regarding the University of Leicester, the mechanical engineering degree (Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc) included the subjects that I liked, for example solid mechanics, composite materials, tribology and others. I also took part in a very interesting research project, working with Professor Jinzhe Pan, Director of the Materials Department at the University’s engineering school. With Professor Pan, I was able to set up a process to study the most likely deterioration of an implant. This reduced the theoretical calculation time from 2 years to 4 days.

The Arts & Métiers general engineering program prepares you well for this kind of multidisciplinary project, thanks to the wide variety of subjects in the program.

“ECAM Lyon has agreements with many partner universities abroad, and taking part in the international forum helped me choose the University of Leicester. “

A degree along with two prestigious awards

At my graduation ceremony, the University of Leicester awarded me 2 Excellence Prizes to honor my academic results:

  • The MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering Best Student Prize awarded to the student with the highest overall average grades in the mechanical engineering program
  • The Dunlop Polymer Engineering Division Engineering Prize awarded to the best Master’s student graduating from the University of Leicester’s School of Engineering

When I arrived at this university, I applied the methodology that I acquired during my studies at ECAM: regularly reviewing each subject, redoing the exercises seen in class and asking the teachers questions. I also organized group review sessions with other students. It is a way of studying that I find very effective and that ECAM’s spirit of solidarity promotes: we all work together to succeed.

In the end, I got results beyond my expectations and I am very proud to have earned these awards! It is also proof that ECAM Lyon trains its engineering students to very high technical and scientific standards.

A career in the English-speaking world?

As a next step, I plan to find a job in England as a mechanical design engineer, ideally with a focus on finite element analysis.

Earning this dual degree has enabled me to narrow down my choices and my desires in terms of a career. I originally chose ECAM Lyon because the program was general-purpose and, at the time, I did not yet know what I liked. And having the opportunity to specialize at the end of the course with a dual degree is truly a considerable advantage!