Entrepreneurship in the Classroom

In every academic program ECAM Lyon offers, students are trained to be innovative and inventive engineers and aware of business opportunities that await them.

This entrepreneurship training includes such programs as:

  • Core courses on entrepreneurship that teach students about innovation and business management.
  • Optional advanced courses that teach the different steps of business creation. Students are encouraged to develop a project.
  • The Projet Léonard, a 4 th year project for ECAM Arts et Métiers students, where they are put in the role of project and innovation management. Through working with a team, students identify clients’ needs, create project specifications, and offer innovative solutions to real-world problems.
  • The R&D project has students work for 6 months on a research and development project given by a company, start-up, or student-entrepreneur.
  • The Fest’Innov: 24 hours of non-stop innovation where almost 200 students work in teams on a project given by companies. This event has become a source of ideas and innovation for industry and students where they have an opportunity to express their creativity.