Fab Lab for Entrepreneurs

ECAM Lyon has taken numerous actions to assist students, alumni, and even entrepreneurs in finding new and innovative techniques to develop their potential in new sectors. Using the ECAM FACTORY, ECAM Lyon is able to combine state of the art technology and guidance (technical help and training) to assist entrepreneurs in
their innovation, design, prototype, and production projects.

The ECAM FACTORY project takes inspiration from the Fab Lab project, but focuses more on a practical use of resources through business innovation or creation projects through an application of knowledge and tools that influence design, production, and industrial management.

ECAM FACTORY provides industry with:

  • Co-working spaces for working and creating projects
  • Design workshops with modelling and digital simulation tools
  • A wide range of equipment (laser cutting, 3-D printers, etc.) to materialize ideas through creating prototypes
  • A platform made up of cutting-edge technology: additive manufacturing, polymer recycling, piece design, powder metallurgy, foundries, heat treatment, and surface treatments

The ECAM FACTORY platform will be one of the Fabrique de l’innovation’s components. This flagship project of the Communauté universitaire de Lyon aims to make the Lyon-Saint-Etienne community national and European leader in creation and innovation.