R&D and Innovation

ECAM Lyon brings its expertise to respond to industry’s technical and technological problems and contributes to the finding of innovative solutions through:

  • An annual student / business innovation challenge
  • R&D projects led by engineering students near the end of their studies and guided by a faculty professor
  • Consulting done by faculty professors
  • Research contracts, to explore problems in the long-term

Fest’Innov, the biggest student innovation event in Rhône-Alpes

Fest’Innov is 200 ECAM Lyon and partner school students working 24 hours non-stop on innovation subjects given by 20 companies. Students with diverse backgrounds work with industry, ECAM Lyon professors, and consultants in the School’s facilities to meet their objective: present the most creative, audacious, and realistic solution.

At the end of this marathon, ideas, prototypes, and tests are returned to each company. A jury of experts convenes to determine the best project and to reward the winning team with support from sponsors. More information

Research and Development Projects

All ECAM Lyon general engineering students at the end of their studies must carry out a R&D project. They work in pairs for a semester on a real-life business problem using ECAM Lyon’s laboratories. Students work directly with industry representatives to clearly define the workload and objectives that ECAM Lyon will then use as the
foundation for a bill. All intellectual property resulting from this project belongs wholly to the company and can be kept confidential at the company’s request. Companies can follow the project’s progress through regular meetings up until the official presentation of the findings to a jury. Students spend at least 250 hours on their R&D project.


ECAM Lyon’s professors regularly bring their expertise and solutions to solve companies’ unique industrial problems. Consulting is based on an established objective and workload and billed accordingly.

Research Contracts and Doctoral Dissertations

ECAM Lyon, through its LabECAM, is able to conduct research on two main themes:

  • Energy efficiency: research through simulations of power loss and heat transfer in mechanical transmissions or on advanced control of thermal machines
  • Microstructural material modification: research on charged polymers and thermochemical treatments

To facilitate industry’s access to LabECAM’s scientific and technological expertise, our researchers are available to analyze research objectives and give adapted proposals.

Research carried out with industry can lead to doctoral dissertations. Through their research for their doctorate, doctoral students can carry out work for LabECAM’s partner organizations or companies. Doctoral students work on a research project for approximately three years through a CIFRE agreement. This agreement allows companies to receive subsidies for recruiting doctoral students whose research projects, carried out with LabECAM, lead to a dissertation.