Taxe d’apprentissage

The taxe d’apprentissage given by companies to ECAM Lyon allows the School to train engineers to meet the needs of industry, while keeping tuition fees accessible. The taxe d’apprentissage is necessary for the School’s development.

Make your donation to ECAM Lyon

To make the process easier, ECAM Lyon has created an online taxe d’apprentissage calculator that replaces the traditional declaration stub. The calculator is easy to use, accurate, and available to use without a code or installing any software

EASYTAXE was created in collaboration with ASP OCTALIA, the national collector for our institutions.

To give your taxe d’apprentissage, click on the button below.

Acces site OCTALIA

Otherwise, you can contact the Organisme Collecteur répartiteur de la Taxe d’Apprentissage (OCTA) of your choice and indicate on your donation stub:

  • The amount you wish to give
  • The recipient: ECAM Lyon – 40, Montée Saint Barthélemy 69 321 Lyon cedex 05)
  • The UAI number : 0690194L
  • The Siret number : 779 883 446 000 14
  • The capacités d’habilitation are: Hors quoata. Catégorie B

You can inform ECAM Lyon of your taxe d’apprentissage gift by email at