Study in France

Why France?

Over 310,000 international students choose France every year to study and experience what France has to offer. Thanks to a considerable investment by the French government, studies in France are more affordable than in many other countries. This combined with France’s strong economy, high concentration of Fortune 500 companies, and being home to one of the most innovative and dynamic economies in Europe, gives students the boost they need in their careers in France and abroad.

France isn’t just about business, its strong ties to art, music, cinema, cuisine, and new digital arts mean students can find fulfillment on and off campus.

Finally the French language is the perfect way for students to stand out from the crowd. The world’s 5thmost widely used language that is the 3rd largest language in business is a real advantage in today’s economy. France gives students the tools to succeed in their careers and in life.

A country for Innovation

Medicine, high technology, transport, chemical industries, the arts… France has been a major contributor to the world’s greatest developments. Indeed, France is home to many significant inventions, such as:

  • the calculating machine – Blaise Pascal (XVII century)
  • the first automobile – Joseph Cugnot (XVIII century)
  • Braille – Louis Braille (XIX century)
  • the first aeroplane – Clément Ader (XIX century)
  • the cinema – the Lumière brothers (XIX century)
  • radioactivity – Pierre and Marie Curie (XIX century)
  • the chip card – Roland Moreno (1974)
  • the TGV (high speed train) – Alstom (1981)
  • the first autonomous, artificial heart (2013)

All these inventions show that France is today, and has been for many years, a land of creativity and engineering prowess, offering an ideal terrain for the studies and research that lead to ground-breaking, historical inventions.

What makes French engineering education internationally renowned ?

  • Common core scientific knowledge; students learn to be analytical and pro-active
  • strong understanding of multi-disciplinary engineering sciences; graduating engineers are effective at adapting to the changing demands of the market
  • business culture and understanding of the economic, social, ethical environments, and aptitude for management acquired through internships – essential skills for engineering graduates, future managers and leaders


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