Covid-19: a startup incubated at Tech 360 provides teleconsultation expertise

Medeo is a start-up that offers solutions to digitize health, namely through the development of telemedicine. Medeo was incubated at Tech 360, the ECAM Lyon incubator, between 2016 and 2019.

As part of the fight against Covid-19, this young company has been recognized by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health as one of the solutions helping health professionals to practice medicine remotely.

Rémi Jean-Berger, co-founder of Medeo, presents us his solution, which is helping to meet current health challenges.

How are you helping to meet current medical needs?

Medeo develops solutions to support healthcare professionals in the digital world. In 2016, when we founded the company, it was composed of two doctors and two IT engineers. It was important for us to combine these two expert profiles to better identify user needs.

Our goal is to design digital solutions to help the medical sector, in particular by enabling healthcare professionals to save time. We started by equipping doctors with connected objects in their offices and then quickly we offered telemedicine tools, in particular assisted teleconsultation.

Part of the population does not have access to smartphones and related digital applications required to carry out teleconsultations.

Medeo equips pharmacies, nursing homes and medical centers with a tailored solution. The healthcare professional accompanying the patient follows medical protocols (in particular for Covid-19) and collects all of the data using medical diagnostics devices (otoscope, thermometer, stethoscope, oximeter, blood pressure monitor, etc.). When they log in, the doctor accesses the data recorded during the pre-consultation. The devices also allow the patient to be examined in real time. The doctor can consult the patient’s history on the medical record. They can then issue a secure, protected prescription and carry out billing.

Our solution is of even greater importance in rural areas where doctors are sorely lacking, in France and emerging countries alike. We provide telemedicine and medical coordination centers in Africa in particular.

How can Medeo’s solution help during the Covid-19 health crisis? What are you doing concretely?

Our solution is of crucial importance at this time, in particular at nursing homes. These facilities are closed to outside visitors. Even doctors can no longer go there due to the risk of contamination. Thanks to our teleconsultation solution, we can offer this extremely fragile population continuity of care.

As it is essential for us to take concrete action in the health crisis we are going through, we have announced that Medeo teleconsultations will be free in these nursing homes.

Concretely, at nursing homes, we install a pack of connected objects and then we train nurses to use them. When an elderly person has a problem, whether related to Covid-19 or not, the nurse follows the recorded pre-consultation protocol. As soon as a doctor is available, they takes over and have access to all of the data recorded beforehand.

Medeo has been identified by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health as a telemedicine solution, with a reliability score of 9 out of 10. At our level, we too are participating in the fight against the coronavirus.

How can we help medical staff confronted with a health crisis of this magnitude?

I think we just have to listen to the recommendations of medical professionals: stay at home and follow the health and safety instructions. It’s everyone’s business. Those who can need to donate equipment to the medical field.

There is also a very simple solution that we have offered our staff. We can install the Folding at Home tool, which allows us to share the unused power of our computer to help researchers currently fighting this coronavirus. This is a very concrete example!

What did your time at the Tech 360 incubator bring you?

Our time at the ECAM Lyon incubator was very beneficial! Technically first, because we were able to work with engineering students and teachers from this school on our R&D issues. As well as to be part of a network: we capitalized on ECAM Lyon’s network, which is very large, and managed to become part of Lyon’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Tech360 incubator also allowed us to have premises when we launched our company! We met several other start-ups in the health sector, for example FasTeesh. It was very interesting to interact with other entrepreneurs who were at the same stage of development as us, in our sector.

We left Tech 360 last year because we have grown quite quickly after a major round of fundraising.

What does Medeo aim for in the future? What are its upcoming projects?

Quite simply to continue our growth! Today, we have 18 employees and we hope to double our headcount despite the current context. We also want to further develop internationally.

Any advice for ECAM Lyon engineering students who want to become entrepreneurs?

Go for it! Many engineering students think they lack the business side to get started. Personally, I think that is not true. An engineer, even on his own, is quite capable of being an entrepreneur, especially the general engineers trained at ECAM Lyon.

Engineering school is the best time to start. It allows you to develop your network and use the tools that the school makes available to students, such as the FabLab to create initial prototypes. Once again: be bold!