ECAM Engineering: the first graduating class currently abroad for their dual degree


More than 330 students are currently enrolled in the ECAM Engineering program. Members of the first graduating class, who will finish their diploma in 2021, are now doing their year of international study as part of the program’s dual degree.

Various specialization curricula

ECAM Engineering is a five-year program taught entirely in English. After two years of a core general training curriculum, the engineering students choose a specialization that will enable them to earn a dual degree after spending one year at a partner university.

For the first graduating class, the students who left for their year of international study are evenly distributed between the various specializations on offer:

  • 17 students chose the MSc in Mechanical Engineering & Sustainable Energy Technologies program at Staffordshire University (United Kingdom)
  • 17 students selected the MSc in Robotics and Smart Technologies program at Staffordshire University (United Kingdom)
  • 11 students opted for the MSc in Systemic Design program at the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy)

In order to meet the growing expectations of both students and companies, ECAM Lyon is continuing to develop the ECAM Engineering program through other partnerships with foreign universities and more fields of specialization. Find out more about the dual degrees offered in the ECAM Engineering program.


An enriching experience

Why study abroad to earn a dual degree?

Because it is important for these future engineers to discover other styles of high-quality education at foreign universities that require a great level of autonomy in coursework. ECAM Lyon has selected academic partners that are experts in the areas of specialization offered to its engineering students. Thus, Staffordshire University, the Polytechnic University of Turin, Heriot-Watt University, the University of Limerick and the University of Tartu are world-renowned and offer cutting-edge facilities (R&D laboratories, fab labs and more).

Earning an MSc at one of these partner universities offers true value added. It brings additional international recognition that namely makes it easier for new graduates who wish to begin their career abroad.

The international dimension of this year of study is also an asset. “It helps students to become more independent and able to adapt when faced with a new context, a new daily life and a new culture,” explains the head of the ECAM Engineering program. This multicultural approach is essential for a future engineer who will be required to work internationally or to communicate with foreign customers, suppliers or colleagues.

Being an engineer in the United Kingdom, in Italy or in Asia can prove to be very different from the approach here in France. Studying abroad for a year offers the opportunity to reach out and helps to discover the different expectations of the engineering profession in other countries. – Anne-Céline Godest, head of the ECAM Engineering program.