ECAM Lyon launches its 1st innovation challenge in India

In November, ECAM Lyon launched the first edition of the Young Innovators Challenge in Calcutta, India, a competition targeting Indian scientific high schools.

An immersion in engineering studies

The Young Innovators Challenge is a competition open to high school juniors and seniors.  The aim is to build scientific and technical skills, as well as a sense of initiative, through the completion of a concrete project related to the environment.

For these youths, taking part in such a challenge offers the opportunity to be immersed in engineering studies for the first time, working on a concrete scientific application that goes beyond the theoretical principles studied in high school.

Strong interest in this 1st edition


Some fifty high school students from La Martinière for Girls and The Future Foundation School are taking part in the ECAM Young Innovators Challenge

For the first edition of the challenge, ECAM Lyon chose to work with two Indian high schools in Calcutta, La Martinière for Girls et The Future Foundation School.

Six teams were created to pull off the challenge in 2019: thinking about solutions that enable access to potable water. This topic addresses a true environmental concern for India, which has suffered from water shortages for years.

A two-month challenge






The teams have two months to propose a realistic, innovative solution in one of the following three areas:

  1. Collecting rainwater to make it potable
  2. Extracting water to make it potable
  3. Transforming humid air into potable water

In the area of its choice, each team must study existing solutions and think about potential improvements and innovations. At the end of January, each team will turn in a logbook explaining its project and create a video pitch with a demonstration using a simple prototype.

An award ceremony will be held at each school to honor the top projects and thank all of the participants in this first edition.