Higher education network

conférence des grandes ecolesThe ‘Grandes Ecoles’ Conference (CGE) : An association regrouping state-recognised Engineering, Management and Higher Education ‘Grandes Ecoles’. Notably, the CGE issues the accreditation for the ECAM Specialist Master’s degrees.

LogoFESIC_couleur_RGB-01Federation des Etablissements d’enseignement Supérieurs d’Intérêt Collectif (FESIC) : A group of 25 French Engineering and Human and Social Science Management ‘Grandes Ecoles’. Their mission is to share their experience and practices, to promote all the schools and to represent them in their dealings with public authorities. The members of the FESIC share common educational standards: academic excellence, internationalisation of their programmes, research development, cooperation with companies and with the different players in higher education, and the social and humanist education of all the students..

AGERA-LOGOThe Rhône-Alpes ‘Grandes Ecoles’ Alliance (AGERA): This association brings together 34 ‘Grandes Ecoles’ in the region that focus on the Education/Research/Innovation trio to strengthen synergy and exchange between the members.

ECAM Group: Created in 2004 by ECAM Lyon and ECAM Rennes Louis de Broglie, the group has since expanded with the addition of ECAM Strasbourg Europe and EPMI Cergy and more recently with ECAM Brussels. These 5 schools work together to develop synergies in Research and teaching methods.

logo_iplPolytechnic Institute of Lyon (IPL) : This Institute unites the 4 private Engineering ‘Grandes Ecoles’ in Lyon (ECAM Lyon, CPE, ISARA and ITECH). Their shared aims are to meet their development objectives, promote their position in the Lyon landscape and work together, notably on humanist training methods.

Université de Lyon : The Further Education and Research Pole (PRES) unites 20 establishments (universities, ‘grandes écoles and research centres in Lyon and St Etienne) and therefore represents the biggest French university site outside of the Paris region. Learn more.

itii_logo_lyonInstitute of Industry Engineering Techniques (ITII de Lyon): ECAM Lyon has created a partnership with this Institute to develop sandwich course programmes for Specialist Engineers.

Alliance des Ecoles d’Ingénieurs de Lyon Saint-Etienne (AEILYS) : 16 Engineering Schools from Lyon and Saint Étienne, approved by the Engineering Education Commission (‘la Commission des titres d’ingénieurs’), are working together on the coordination of projects at the heart of the new Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

More than 80 partner universities worldwide

To encourage student mobility and develop the international outlook of its programs, ECAM Lyon works together with an extensive network of partners including other universities and institutes of technology worlwilde.

Find the complete list of ECAM Lyon’s partner universities.