ECAM to open Chess Sports-Study program

chess sports-study program in france

A first in France. ECAM Lyon, in partnership with the French Chess Federation, will begin offering a training program for high-school graduates who are also high-level chess players at the start of the 2019-20 academic year.

This “sports-study” curriculum offers a tailored program enabling students to acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills in the engineering sciences while enabling them to continue their sport at a competitive level. This program is taught either in French or English as part of our two engineer training programs:

  • The ECAM Arts et Métiers general engineering program (in French): find out more
  • The ECAM Engineering dual-degree program (in English): find out more

It is open to high-school graduates with a scientific specialization and high-level French and foreign chess players, i.e. with an Elo rating of higher than 2000.

This new training program is the only one of its kind in Europe and is perfectly in line with ECAM Lyon’s aim of supporting each and every student and enabling them to customize their curriculum.

Chess, like a career in engineering, requires the ability to analyze, think critically, make decisions and take action: exactly what every engineer needs! – Carole Forestier,  ECAM engineer, 5-time French Youth Chess Champion – 2,127 Elo

Find out more about the Chess Sports-Study program