ECAM students inspired by the “Fresque du Climat”

Through actions that benefit society as a whole, missions at NGOs, conferences, debates and workshops, ECAM Lyon’s Education & Responsibility module invites engineering students to reflect on the ways in which society is changing. In early October, one graduating class of the ECAM Engineering program did their part by building the “Fresque du Climat”. A fun, collaborative educational workshop designed by Cédric Ringenbach, a graduate of the Ecole Central de Nantes engineering school and former director of the Shift Project, the climate collage exercise aims to give us a better understanding of how climate change occurs and its systemic nature.

Holding all the cards…

Each team is given a deck of 52 cards showing the different components of climate change. This is an excellent way to get students to share their viewpoints and, with the help of a “facilitator”, to explain the cause-and-effect relationships between their cards and thus co-construct a collage. The teams then present how they have interpreted the various issues at stake, providing a scientific perspective.

An abundance of new projects!

While making observations, explaining the issues, denouncing poor practices and sharing perspectives are key steps to moving forward, to round out this workshop participants also had to propose ideas for projects and open new prospects. Inspired by the activity, students came up with a flurry of ideas, some of which could be implemented on campus. They will complete the exercise by sharing their experience with first-year students in their program. Getting involved to raise awareness and train peers is also a big part of the ECAM mindset. A small contribution to the vast societal project that the ecological transition involves.