First Job Survey 2019: high employability and equal salaries for men and women

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Six months after earning their degree, ECAM Arts et Métiers engineers from the class of 2018 were asked to take part in a national jobs survey by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. Here is our analysis of the results.

Historic equality in salaries between men and women

Though equal salaries still seem to be far off on the horizon at most companies, for the first time, female engineers from ECAM Lyon’s last graduating class are earning as much as their male classmates.

The salaries remain stable at €39,840 a year (gross yearly salary with bonuses) in France and €43,200 abroad.

Guaranteed employability

98.3% of graduates find a job in less than 4 months and 60.3% do so even before they graduate. These figures, which are borne out year after year with every graduating class, illustrate how attractive engineering graduates are to employers. According to CGE, “the net employment rate has reached its highest level since 2010″. 

The final internship and professional social networks remain the surest ways to find a first job. ECAM Lyon supports students and recent graduates in their job searches through its “First Job” unit.

Highly diverse sectors

Through its general-purpose dimension, the ECAM Arts et Métiers engineering program offers the potential to work in a variety of sectors and positions throughout one’s career. The positions that recent graduates are holding perfectly illustrates this diversity.

Consulting firms, engineering and design offices, industry and transport (automotive, aerospace, naval and rail) are the main sectors of preference for ECAM Arts et Métiers graduates this year, ahead of the energy, ICT (information and communication technologies) and construction sectors.

The four main positions held have remained the same over the past several years: “production, operations”, “research & development”, “processes and maintenance” and “studies and consulting” account for over 60% of the jobs held by recent ECAM engineering graduates.

Finally, recent ECAM graduates enjoy working both for major groups (31% of respondents) and SMEs (37%) alike.

A visibly international dimension

At ECAM Lyon, all engineering students are required to have some type of international experience. Through study-abroad programs and internships in foreign countries, every student must reach out to the world and develop their autonomy and ability to adapt. This is essential for engineers who will be working in today’s international context, taking part in transnational projects and managing multinational, multicultural teams.

This international facet directly impacts recent graduates’ first jobs: some 25% start their career abroad, compared to 13% on average for graduates of Grandes Ecoles on the whole. In all, one in two ECAM engineers claims they work internationally (business trips abroad, regular international assignments, import/export or projects in cooperation with a foreign country).

Happy engineers!

The jobs survey also looked at the overall satisfaction of recent ECAM Arts et Métiers graduates. Some 88% said they were “satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with their first job, which matches their career objectives.

These graduates are not only happy at work: they are also grateful to their alma mater, as 98% would recommend ECAM to a friend.