Health protection measures for back-to-school 2020

In this month of July, though the health situation has greatly improved, the Covid-19 coronavirus is still circulating. Every public-access building must comply with health regulations recently established by the French Government. Thus, exceptional measures have been taken to adapt the ECAM Lyon campus in order to guarantee the safety of engineering students, staff and visitors.

Here is what will be implemented from the start of the 2020-21 school year, knowing that these measures may well evolve based on government directives. With every change in the situation, the school’s staff will adapt and make changes to ensure everyone’s safety.

1. Social distancing

On the campus, and in buildings which allow it, specific foot traffic routes will be set up to prevent people from passing others coming in the opposite direction. Signage reminding students and staff of social distancing measures is already in place and will be reinforced.

2. Provision of hand sanitizer

Strategic points have been identified and will be supplied with hand sanitizer gel. Gel dispensers, made by volunteers, will be installed.

3. Increased disinfection of points of contact

The cleaning and disinfection of points of contact (handles, chairs, etc.) and sanitary facilities will be strengthened and will follow strict hygiene rules, as has been the case on campus since the start of the epidemic. Our cleaning service, specially trained to deal with this crisis and authorized to disinfect, has been tasked by the Operations Department with handling disinfection.

4. Visors and masks for students

The school has tested visors in learning situations with satisfactory results. Manufactured by an ECAM Lyon engineer based near Lyon (Sébastien Monin, director of Monin Mécanique), this protective gear will be made available in laboratory classrooms. Wearing this visor will be required when social distancing is impossible. One visor will be given out to each student, and they will also be provided with masks.

5. Reopening of the dormitories and the Horizon Cafeteria

The ECAM dormitories and the CROUS cafeteria will be open from the start of the school year. Health and hygiene measures will be observed there, as elsewhere on the campus.

These rules have been implemented in compliance with French Government guidelines. For things to go smoothly, every student and visitor will be individually responsible for following these rules.