At home with ECAM Lyon engineering students during the confinement

Since the ECAM Lyon campus closed for confinement, lessons have been provided remotely so that all engineering students can continue their training. Yet it is not always easy to study in such conditions. While many engineering students are spending the confinement period with their family, some are in more complicated situations. One thing is sure: everyone is eager to see their classmates again once the crisis is over!

How are ECAM Lyon engineering students coping with confinement? Here are a few testimonials.

“When the confinement was announced, I went home to my parents in the countryside. The first week was particularly complicated, but fortunately the lessons now keep me quite busy during the day! I’m also doing a bit of exercise and I have begun learning the guitar through online videos. Paradoxically, it is weekends that seem boring to me. Distance learning is going very well, despite a few small difficulties at the beginning, while everyone (teachers and students) was learning to use the new digital tools made available to us. Now everything is going fine: communication between students and teachers is, in some cases, even better than before this situation! “

Many engineering students were able to return to their parents’ home before the confinement to enjoy a more comfortable workspace

“I was able to go home to Switzerland for the confinement period. The measures are not the same as in France but are generally complied with! I separated clear work and rest areas so as not to mix everything up. To keep my spirits up, I talk with my friends, I’m preparing the nexts steps in the EcoEcam club with my team and I’m trying to do some sports regularly. In terms of school, we have kept roughly the same hours, but everything happens from my office and a sweatsuit! I find distance-learning courses more difficult to follow; the longer the class, the harder it is to stay focused. Exercises take longer to finish at home because you can get distracted. I definitely prefer a real lesson given by a teacher! Group work also moves ahead more slowly with this distance, despite all our efficient means of communication. In fact, nothing beats working together face-to-face! “

“I separated the workspace and the rest area so as not to mix everything up”

“I would have preferred to go back to India with my family but I couldn’t. So I am confined at the Jean Bouisset dormitory on campus, where I work using my phone and my computer: the wifi works well. Fortunately so, because my mobile plan would not be enough! Even though I have Fourvière hill as a garden, it is not easy to be locked in a small room, and I miss my friends. In terms of classwork, I am well-organized with my two screens to make it easier to take notes. On a personal level, I pass the time playing video games or watching series. There are still a few residents living here and we sometimes get together to cook a meal.”

Some students have had to stay confined on campus at the Jean Bouisset dormitory

“I was able to join my family in the south of France just before the confinement began. There are many advantages to going back to live with your parents, especially in a house with a garden: I can’t complain! Distance learning is more difficult, and it does not replace a live course. I don’t feel like I am taking in the knowledge as well. Fortunately, the teachers are attentive to us! Despite the distance-learning courses, the days go by very slowly… ”

The engineering students have gotten organized to study remotely since 19 March

“To keep my housing costs down, I am sharing a flat. I didn’t know my roommates before the start of the school year and we haven’t really developed any friendly ties: everyone has their own life and their friends outside, like me with my classmates. So confinement in a context where everyone follows the rules in their own way is not always easy! I admit that it is important for me to have a lot of schoolwork to do (thank you to the teachers!). And with my ECAM friends, from a distance, we are already preparing for post-confinement student life! “