Financial aid for outbound international mobility

ECAM Lyon knows that cost is an important factor in students’ choice of a program and that costs can vary considerably from program to program. As an extended international experience is mandatory for all students, we work closely with them to help find possible funding for their international mobility project. Students are given assistance through every step of the process through regular informational meetings and other practical information placed online.

We inform students of different scholarships opportunities offered by external organizations. In addition, thanks to the generosity of the Fondation ECAM’s donors, the scholarship “ECAM Pour Tous” can be given to students whose families are in financial difficulty. Information given in the examples below is subject to change and is for general information purposes only.

Regional Scholarships for International Mobility

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region helps student international mobility through a scholarship for students in the region. The baseline scholarship is equivalent to 95€/week and can be increased depending on the student’s level of government financial aid.

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Erasmus + Scholarships

For international mobility within the European Union, students can receive a scholarship from Erasmus+ that varies depending on the destination and the student’s project.

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