Studying abroad

Industry expects new engineers to be able to work in multi-cultural environments and be part of international teams sometimes meaning starting their careers in another country.

To meet and even exceed these expectations and prepare students for international careers, each ECAM Lyon student must have at least one extended international experience in order to graduate.

International mobility, by virtue of immersion in different lifestyles and ideas, gives students the opportunity to discover new work methods, improve language skills, become accustomed to working in multi-cultural teams, develop adaptation skills, gain confidence in themselves, become independent, and many other valuable assets that follow them through their professional and personal lives.

The International Direction and the Internship Office accompany all students in their international mobility projects through giving information about academic partnerships, helping custom-tailor students’ international mobility to their personal and professional projects, providing assistance with administrative formalities, following up on students during all steps of their mobility, and many other services depending on each student’s individual goals.

International Fair

ECAM Lyon provides many opportunities for international mobility. To make sure students have as much information as possible, every October the International Direction organizes the ECAM Lyon International Fair to give students the opportunity to:

  • Meet face-to-face with representatives from ECAM Lyon’s partner universities
  • Exchange with professors who are involved in ECAM Lyon’s academic mobility programs
  • Talk with ECAM Lyon graduates or current students with international mobility experiences.


The Internship Office develops strategic partnerships with industry throughout the world and benefits from its vast network of over 1,000 ECAM Engineers abroad. These partnerships are in-turn used to give students valuable experience as they enter the workforce.

Students in ECAM Arts et Métiers and ECAM Engineering need to have multiple internships during their studies. Students who do not do a semester or year abroad need to intern abroad in order to graduate. Past international internships include:

  • Work on Solar Energy projects – Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Designing and creating drones for competition – SAE Aero Design – Davis, USA
  • Developing automation software – Japan

Students in work-linked programs must have a 2-6 month international internship. Some students have their work-linked program with companies that are primarily active in the French market and cannot offer students an international experience. In those cases, ECAM Lyon works with its established network of partners to provide students at least a two-month experience in-line with their professional project. During this period, students remain employed at their original company, and are seconded to the new company.

More information about internships

Study for one semester or one year

Through the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) or through established agreements, students in ECAM Arts et Métiers can study at a partner university for a year or semester during their third or fourth year of studies. Student mobility is coordinated so students are able to continue their studies upon their return.

Double Degrees

Thanks to our robust partnerships with almost 20 universities in over 10 countries, ECAM Lyon students can complete their last year of studies abroad and graduate with degrees from ECAM Lyon and the partner university.

ECAM Engineering students study abroad in either their fourth or fifth year, and graduate with degrees from both institutions.

Double degrees allow students to add a specialization from a partner university to their general engineering degree from ECAM Lyon.