LabECAM, Co-organizer of the International Gear Conference

ECAM Lyon’s research center, LabECAM, started the 2018-2019 academic year by co-organizing the 2018 International Gear Conference with LaMCoS, INSA Lyon’s research laboratory.

The international event hosted over 300 participants in Lyon to exchange on recent developments in the field of mechanical transmission –  gears, bearings, CVT, belts, and chains – that impact industrial sectors such as aeronautics, automobilies, railroads, materials, energy, and environmental.

Recently, increasing competitive pressure and environmental concerns have highlighted the need for cleaner, more efficient, and quieter parts. And new uses for turbines, hybrid transmissions, and motors have only increased this pressure.

LabECAM members (from left to right) : J.P. Noyel, R. Quiban, D. Niel, J.B. Bony G. Vouaillat, E. Bossy, C. Changenet, T. Touret, Y. Marchesse


LabECAM doctoral students gave oral presentations on their research topics including: 

  • J.B Boni : A model for predicting churning losses in planetary gears
  • T. Touret: A new expression to estimate the mean coefficient of friction of the gear
  • D. Niel: A new test rig to study rolling element bearing thermomechanical behavior

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About LabECAM

ECAM Lyon’s research center, LabECAM, is directed by Christophe Changenet. Thanks to the varied background of LabECAM’s research team, many research subjects in the fields of mechanics, materials, energy engineering, and electric automation are available to be studied.

The laboratory is currently working on two main subjects:

  • system energy efficiency
  • microstructural material modification.

Outside of these two subjects, ECAM Lyon is also developing research in operational excellence in relation with new production methods organization for the factory of the future.

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