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Increasing number of students

In the fall of 2019, 1,730 students joined ECAM Lyon. A figure that confirms the growing attractiveness of the school over the last few years.

195 students entered the first year of the ECAM Arts et Métiers program, 143 in the preparatory classe (high school Aux Lazaristes partnership) of which 23% girls and 84% who received the highest qualifications of « very good » or « good » and, for the first time this year, 52 students in 2 new preparatory cycles (see below). In the first year of Arts et Métiers engineering cycle, they are 247 students, an increase of more than 15% compared to the previous year.

For its fourth year, the 100% English program Engineering continues its development. This year, we welcome 159 new recruits of which 13% of international students, mainly from the African continent (Cameroon, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt).

For work-study programs, the Industrial Engineering-Mechanics and Energy specialities registered a good progression (90 new student-engineers).

Finally, 11 years after its creation, the Specialized master Management of continuous improvement welcomes 68 learners.

Two new intergrated preparatory cycles

The first students of these two promotions discovered the campus, alongside the three ECAM preparatory classes at Lycée Aux Lazaristes :

  • 21 STI2D graduates are entering the Lycée LaSalle Passy Buzenval (Paris region), in a program designed for their profile. Among them, 2 girls. This classe will discover the ECAM Lyon campus during a visit in October.
  • 31 students (55% girls) entering the first year of « Filière Asie », a bicultural class (20 French / 11 Chinese), associating scientifc and technical fundamentals, linguistic reinforcement and cultural openness.

The API program on Lyon’s campus

API-ECAM (year of preparation Engineer), is a reinforcement program for BAC+2 which allows them to consolidate their academic achievements in order to integrate, subsequently, a training of engineers. Historically based in the CCI Ain in Bourg-en-Bresse, this program has moved on the ECAM Lyon’s campus in September 2019.