The ECAM Lyon research teams work to create a center of engineering resources for companies, for either applied research studies or technology transfer. These studies can be experimental or theoretical, but also can include system design.

A transversal team headed by a Director of Research

Christophe CHANGENETSince its creation in 2012, Christophe Changenet, ESIM engineer and Doctor in Mechanics (INSA de Lyon), has headed the Research and R&D department. This transversal team combines scientific knowledge from all ECAM Lyon academic and research departments and focuses research activity on industrial issues and socio-economic development.

Research Fields

LabECAM research is focused on two main fields:

  • System, machine, and other processes energy efficiency
  • Microstructural material modification and mechanical behavior

These fields are strongly related to ECAM Lyon academic programs. The academics-research relation is crucial so that research activities benefit students; either by their direct involvement in carrying out research work, or by transmitting this knowledge during their studies.

The LabECAM is also an excellent method to create interdisciplinary approaches that privilege transversal research that incubates innovation and creativity.

Through all of these facets, the Research Director works in collaboration with Academics. ECAM Lyon has also signed agreements with INSA de Lyon and Arts et Métiers ParisTech à Cluny for research Master’s and co-directing doctoral dissertations by researchers.

Technical Resources

The academic departments use digital simulation tools (ANSYS, FLUENT, AMESIM, MATLAB-SIMULINK, DSPACE, VISSIM) that are closely tied with state-of-the-art experiments using advanced technology.