Roundtable on Natural Gas’ Role in Energy Transition

Professionals from the French Gas Association (AFG Centre Est) participated in a roundtable discussion at ECAM Lyon on the subject of “Natural Gas’ role in energy transition: from upstream to downstream” on April 23, 2018.

Didier Saussier, AFG Centre Est President, opened the discussion with a speech on energy transition, its impacts on the sector, and careers in natural gas. Representatives from Prodeval, GRTgaz, and Viessman continued on green gas production, transportation and distribution infrastructure, and innovations in natural gas use. The companies went on to debate with students about the use of natural gas vehicles (NGV) in the automobile sectors, this fuel currently being the only alternative to petroleum products for road transportation.

Viessmann also presented its new condensing boiler model that functions with a fuel cell.

Alain Gojon, representative from the region’s factory of the future competitive cluster Tenerrdis and former director of GRDF Lyon Métropole, said of the event, “Natural gas’ role in energy transition is a strategic question. Innovations are crucial and the subject is advancing at an astounding pace. This roundtable was a resounding success with ECAM students.”