Winter School: 33 ECAM Engineering students discover Thai and Russian universities

Engineering students have a great many opportunities to go abroad to get a wider perspective on their education and their field of interest. Among these opportunities, Winter Schools give students the chance to both discover the cultural diversity of a country and learn about a new field of engineering at one of ECAM Lyon’s partner universities.

These short programs, currently offered to second-year students in the ECAM Engineering program, taught entirely in English, combine high-level scientific content with tours of cultural sites. This format has proven to be a big hit with students.

“A unique experience that enables us to discover both an extremely rich culture and a cutting-edge engineering field through introductory workshops on robotics.” Tiago, a Winter School student at Chiang Mai University (Thailand)

In January, 33 ECAM Engineering students thus discovered Thailand and Russia for two weeks. They were hosted by the Chiang Mai University for a short course on robotics, by KMUTT University for an introduction to electrical engineering and by Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University for further training in this field.

In particular, the agenda for these Winter School sessions featured tours of the different campuses, discussions to discover the local cultures, visits to local companies, workshops and more. An intense, enriching two-week experience for these students!

In just a few short months, the Summer School sessions will take over, giving even more engineering students the chance to discover their field of specialization while gaining an international perspective. During this period, the host universities will be Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University and Southern Denmark University, with courses in the field of Industrial Design.

Starting in June, ECAM Lyon will also host foreign students on campus for a similar training program.