Campus Life

The ECAM LaSalle campus, right in the heart of Lyon, is an ideal place to live and study, offering optimal conditions for student fulfilment and success. Located in the heart of France’s second metropolitan area and number one student city (153,000 students), Lyon offers all the advantages and conveniences of a large city while also offering the friendliness, tranquillity and benefits of being close to its students. 

Lyon campus

The ECAM LaSalle campus is :

  • Area of 7 hectares
  • High-quality scientific and sports equipment
  • 1 student residence offering 150 rooms
  • More than 45 clubs and associations at ECAM LaSalle


The school supports and promotes student involvement in technical, humanitarian, cultural, and sports extracurricular activities. The processes of personally investing in these organisations, leading and taking risks is part of what helps them become engineers.

ECAM Lasalle established a programme with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) in 2021 to respond to Industry 4.0 needs in the country and Southeast Asia. The school is increasing industrial production and developing infrastructure needed to meet sustainable development requirements.

The innovative ECAM engineering programme combines the expertise of ITC and a French engineering school on campus.

This unique opportunity provides students with cutting-edge scientific and technological knowledge as they sharpen their working methods and project management skills.

A campus in the heart of Lyon

The campus is situated on 8 hectares of landscaped green spaces. It is an exceptional environment for student life where they can benefit from associations, sports and culture all only 5 minutes on foot from the city. 

The campus in a nutshell: 

  • 5 Teaching and Research departments 
  • Technological platforms 
  • A Lean school (Inexo) 
  • An Incubator 
  • A FabLab 
  • Classrooms and co-working spaces 
  • A Library 
  • Student residences 
  • A student activities centre 
  • A weights room, gym and multi-sport terrain 
  • WIFI coverage across the whole campus 
  • A canteen service 

 Lyon, the place to succeed in your studies

Deciding where to study is an important strategic choice. Lyon has many clear advantages to offer with its internationally renowned schools backed by strong business clusters. The many students in Lyon recognize this: a total of 150 000 students, 12% of them from overseas. A well-recognized high quality of life and a rich fabric of cultural activities with more than 9 200 associations further strengthen the appeal of the city! 

Lyon, a great place to live

Lyon extends a special welcome to foreign students by offering them services adapted to their needs: welcoming structures, information, help to find accommodation etc. 

The 1 500 corporate decision makers established in and around Lyon are all potential employers for young Lyon graduates. The chemical, environmental, digital and biotech sectors are particularly well represented in what is the second largest employment pool in France, after Paris. This is clearly an advantage in the search for internships and qualified posts. 

Lyon also offers a well-recognized high quality of life. It has all the advantages of a city but maintains a local atmosphere that encourages communication and exchange. Lyon has everything you need to make your studies unforgettable: sporting activities, cultural events, many possibilities for visits, outings and thousands of world-renowned restaurants. 

A European city of human dimensions, Lyon is regularly quoted as being one of the best places to live both in France and in Europe. 

Classified a UNESCO world Heritage site in 1998, Lyon has a remarkable historical heritage: the Gallo-Roman site on the Fourvière Hill and the Notre Dame Basilica; the Medieval and Renaissance Old Town district; the Croix-Rousse Hill famous for its silk industry heritage; the “Presqu’ile” (meaning peninsula) in the heart of the city; the 19th century shopping district and last but not least, the new Confluence area. 

Lyon’s incredible energy and countless activities will amaze you: museums, guided neighborhood walks, gastronomy, shopping, theaters, the opera, monuments, cinemas, parks and many more. Many notable cultural and artistic events take place in Lyon throughout the year: the Festival of Lights, the Biennial of Dance, the “Nuits Sonores” music festival, the Biennial of Modern Art and the “Nuits de Fourvière” music festival. 

A connected City

Ideally situated in the south-east of France and the capital of the Rhone-Alpes region, Lyon is the 3rd largest agglomeration in France in terms of population. (1.3 million inhabitants). 

It is just two hours from Paris on the TGV and one hour to the Mediterranean coast and the ski resorts in the Alps. Lyon-Saint Exupery airport makes Lyon easily accessible from all the world’s major cities. 

Discover Lyon: 

  • www.onlylyon.com 
  • www.lyoncampus.fr 
  • www.lyon.fr 


Housing & Eating

ECAM LaSalle helps French and international students to find an accomodation which is well-adapted to student life and that will help them suceed in their studies. 

To get any information on accomodation, please contact residences@ecam.fr 

Accomodation on-campus

ECAM LaSalle campus housing gives our students easy access to all of the on-campus events and activities, surrounds them with their friends and fellow students, offers out of the classroom learning opportunities, and of course, makes getting to class much easier. Our on-campus housing gives students a memorable experience that places them at the center of school-life while forming long lasting connections. 

ECAM LaSalle offers various types of accommodation : 

  • Residence Halls 
  • Studios 
  • House sharing 


Advantages ECAM LaSalle on-campus accommodation include: 

  • Reasonable residence hall rates (between 3050-4500€/school year) + 1 month deposit 
  • Great studying conditions 
  • Furnished accommodations (bed, table, chair, wardrobe, sink) 
  • Proximity to all on-campus events and facilities 
  • Utilities are included (water, heating, electricity, Wi-Fi) 
  • No inventory/property inspection fees 
  • No property nor household refuse collection taxes 
  • No household insurance obligation 


The ECAM LaSalle residences offer spectacular views of the city and are just a five-minute walk from the city center. 

Jean Bouisset residence

Situated at the heart of the main level of campus, the Jean Bouisset Residence gives students the opportunity to live in a learning environment. 

There are 150 bedrooms on 3 floors and 4 rooms fully equipped with facilities for students with disabilities. 

Features of the Jean Bouisset Residence include: 

  • Recreation room with air hockey, table football, billiards, ping-pong, and a piano 
  • Student-run bar 
  • Gym room 
  • In-room Wi-Fi access 
  • In-room sink 
  • Student dining room perfect for sharing a meal or studying with friends 
  • Bed, cupboards, and chair provided 
  • Laundry facilities 
  • Shared bathrooms on each floor 
  • Shared kitchen on each floor with a microwave oven and stove 
  • Elevator access 
  • Football field 
  • Vending machines for food and drinks 


If something in your room or the residence hall is in need of repair, the residence hall manager is available for routine maintenance. 

Fourvière residence

Situated next to the Fourviere Basilica and a five-minute walk from the campus through the gardens. 

There are 6 bedrooms on the Fourviere Residence. 

Features of the Fourviere Residence include: 

  • Shared bathrooms 
  • Furnished bedrooms (bed, table, chair, wardrobe, sink) 
  • Proximity to ECAM LaSalle’s private garden and view of Lyon 


The resident can bring his own fridge and microwave hoven (no electrical plate, for safety reason). 

Accomodation off-campus

Foreign students or French students coming from international college can ask for a bedroom in a CROUS residence. ECAM LaSalle has a convention with the CROUS for those students, with the residence ALLIX – Lyon 5. 

The folder to fill and return to CROUS will be provided by the ECAM administration to the student. 

Click here to get more information on ALLIX residence at CROUS de Lyon 


LOGIFAC offers accomodation and services to students. LOGIFAC residences are full-equiped and well adapted to the student life. To get more information about LOGIFAC accomodation, please click here. 


Via-Humanis can also help you find your student accomodation. To get more information, you can visit Via Humanis website by clicking here via-humanis.fr. 

You can also directly contact Inès DRISS : driss@via-humanis.fr / 04 72 17 99 28 

Eating on campus

Students in the undergraduate preparatory class program are able to use the Lazaristes High School cafeteria for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Since September,2018, a CROUS cafeteria is also opened on top of the campus. This student facility offers meals at various times using fresh and in-season products. 

Health and Wellness

ECAM LaSalle considers fulfillment and well-being to be a priority and as such provides programming, services, and resources to accompany students and staff on their quest for better health and working conditions. 

ECAM LaSalle Wellness sevices

Situated in the heart of Lyon, the ECAM LaSalle campus is in an ideal, well-connected location. The campus’s 8 hectares of landscaped green spaces offer the students an exceptional quality of life. 

ECAM LaSalle offers a wide variety of holistic services to accompany students on their journey towards their optimal health and wellness including: 

  • On-campus doctor 
  • On-campus counselling service 
  • Wide variety of sport clubs 
  • On-campus gym 
  • Strong social networks through student organizations 


Further information and contact: saep@ecam.fr 

Health insurance

Affiliation to the student social security system is obligatory for all students between the ages of 16 and 28, as soon as they enter higher education, whatever their nationality. 

Exceptions: students from the European Economic Area, who hold a European Health Insurance card (‘CEAM’) or a certificate of affiliation to private health insurance cover. 

The school will require payment of the subscription to the student social security system (215 € in 2016). This will then be sent on to the URSSAF. Payment can be made in 3 instalments. 

Social security cover entitles the student to: 

  • The reimbursement of Doctors’ fees and treatment (maximum 70 % of actual costs, based on the social security convention tariffs) 
  • The reimbursement of pharmaceutical products (from 15 to 65 % of their cost) 
  • 80 to 100 % cover of hospital costs, according to the gravity or length of hospitalisation. For hospital stays longer than 1 day, a payment of 18 Euros a day is payable by the student. 


Compulsory subscription: LMDE OR SMERRA (Student social security) 

When they register, students must choose between two student organisations for their affiliation to the student social security system: LMDE or SMERRA. These organisations also offer optional, supplementary health insurance. 

LMDE  (La Mutuelle des Etudiants)
6 rue de l’Abondance 69003 LYON
+33 (0)969 369 601
(Open Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 12 and from 1.30 to 4; Fridays from 9.30 to 12). 

SMERRA  (Mutuelle Etudiante de la Région Rhône-Alpes Auvergne)
43 rue Jaboulay
69349 Lyon cedex
+33 (0)7 04 72 76 70 76
(Open Monday to Friday from 9 to 6.) 

Health Insurance Card

Once the student has registered with the social security system, they receive their ‘Carte Vitale’ Health Insurance card, along with an insurance certificate. The card includes a photo of the holder and stocks information on their health insurance cover, the name of their general practitioner etc. The information on these health cards can be updated at terminals to be found in pharmacies, social security centres and hospitals. 

General practicioners and health care procedures

The student must provide their student social security organisation with the name of their general practitioner (choose a doctor who applies the official social security tariffs). 

Gynaecologists and ophthalmologists can be consulted directly. 

A list of doctors can be found on www.ameli.fr – in the ‘Health professionals’ (‘professionnels de santé’)section. 

Supplementary health insurance

Supplementary health insurance is optional but is highly recommended as the costs not covered by insurance (for example: hospitalisation, excess fees practised by certain health professionals, optical treatments or dental prostheses) can be very high. 

In these cases, supplementary health insurance completes the amounts reimbursed by the social security. The insurance company provides a membership document giving the student access to the direct payment system operating in some establishments for the supplementary part of health-care costs. 

Yearly premiums vary enormously: from 60 €/ year (5€/month) to 621 €/year (51€75/month) according to the insurance cover selected. 


Financial Aid

Students entering the 5-year program ECAM Engineering may apply for two type of scholarships. 

Students will be able to apply for a scholarship only after being admitted into the ECAM Engineering Program. Applications for grants must be submitted to the ECAM LaSalle Admission Department. 

Available scholarships:

  • International Mobility scholarship: –  grants from 1,000 to 2,000 euros consisting in a reduction on the first year tuition fees. 
  • Requirements for applicants: be a non-French student having excellent academic results and low family incomes and resources. 
  • IALU Lasallian Network – 10% discount on tuition fees per year 
  • Requirements for applicants: be a former student of a Lasallian school in France or abroad. 
  • Students residing in the ECAM LaSalle Halls of Residence may apply for housing benefit (ALS), students are informed of the application procedures at the beginning of the school year. 

Bank loans

ECAM LaSalle is in partnership with la Caisse d’Epargne to help students obtain bank loans at preferential rates. These loans are repayable after graduation. Studying at ECAM LaSalle is an investment; in France, the average gross annual salary for a first post is 40.000€ and 45 000 € internationally. This level of salary allows graduates to rapidly pay back any loans they have taken out. 

More informations 

Mobility grants

The Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes Region facilitates international mobility for students with regional grants for study periods or work placements. The ECAM LaSalle teams provide the students concerned with all the relevant information before their departure abroad. 

For European placements, an ERASMUS mobility grant may also be available within the context of the Lifelong Learning Program(European exchange program). 


ECAM LaSalle offers the possibility to visit the campus and spend some time with people who are part of the community so that you will be able to see for yourself what our school is all about.  For your convenience, ECAM LaSalle offers a variety of ways for you to visit that will enable you to experience our vibrant campus community. 

Open House Days offer the opportunity to learn more about the academic experience from our faculty and current students, to visit our campus and to hear from admissions as well as from former ECAM LaSalle students. 

Immersion Days will give you the opportunity to experience life as an ECAM LaSalle student for one day. Each day-visit itinerary is customized for you. For more information please contact the Admissions Office at admission.engineering@ecam.fr 

Visits of the campus (offered from Mondays to Fridays throughout the Academic Year and based on Admission Office availabilities). To schedule a visit of the Campus and a meeting with a member of the Admission Office please write us at: admission.engineering@ecam.fr 

To have more information about the meeting dates, click here 

Come to ECAM LaSalle in Lyon

By plane:

The main Lyon airport is Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) International airport. The Rhonexpress shuttle operates between the Part Dieu station and the airport all year round and takes just 30 minutes. More information. 

Lyon International airport offers regular flights to major towns in France and Europe. There are also daily flights to destinations in the USA, Asia and Africa. In addition, there are direct TGV (high speed train) links from Lyon city centre to Charles de Gaulle International airport in Paris. 

By train:

The two main train stations in Lyon are Lyon-Part-Dieu and Lyon-Perrache, both are easily accessible from the ECAM Lyon campus by public transport. Lyon is just 2 hours by TGV (high speed train) from major towns such as Paris, Marseille and Geneva. More information. 

By car:

From the south of Lyon: 

  • Follow the signs for ˝Lyon centre˝ 
  • Take the A42 – A43 exit towards the “Gare de Perrache, la Confluence 
  • Turn right onto “Quai Fulchiron” towards “Montée St-Barthélemy 
  • Continue along the quayside, then turn left onto “Rue Octavio Mey 


Having a private car is not necessary in Lyon: an excellent public transport network (TCL) covers the whole of the Lyon agglomeration. Moreover, parking spaces in the town are scarce and expensive. 

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