Part time masters program

Starting in 1992, ECAM LaSalle was the 1st engineering school to create part-time Master’s programs :
• Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (specialization in operational excellence or business management), in collaboration with ITII
• Energy, Exploitation, and Maintenance, in collaboration with ITII

Apprenticeship Contract 

Tuition is entirely paid for by external sources (UIMM and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region) as well as through the tax Taxe Aprentissage. Students and companies do not pay any part of tuition. However, companies do pay students as defined in the apprenticeship contract. 


During the last semester of their apprenticeship contract, students, during their company time, must go on a minimum 2-month long mission abroad. If the company cannot offer an international mission, the student remains employed by the company and is seconded in another ECAM LaSalle partner company. Students carry out research in the new company on a subject offered by the host company, related to their original company, and approved by the School. 


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Industrial and Mechanical Engineer
Energy Efficiency and Facilities Management Engineer