ECAM LaSalle : A rich and fulfilling student life

Campuses in France and abroad
ECAM LaSalle’s Lyon campus offers its student-engineers an exceptional setting for living and studying (in the heart of the city, 7-hectare site, high-quality facilities, etc.). A second campus has recently been opened in Cambodia, in partnership with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. 2021 saw the first intake on the ECAM Engineering course in Phnom Penh.
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Dynamic, motivating associations
Students’ commitment to a variety of extra-curricular projects combining technological with humanitarian and cultural activities greatly benefits their coursework by encouraging the entrepreneurial and responsible attitude required of tomorrow’s engineers. Today, the Student Engineers Association (AEI) manages and organises more than 50 clubs.
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Combine engineering studies with high-level sport
With ECAM LaSalle, high-level sportspeople can both reach the summits of the academic world and achieve their sporting objectives. Our engineering school offers facilities adapted to combining studies with physical activities.
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An ideal environment for success
Intake mentoring is an important tradition at ECAM LaSalle, reflecting the school’s fundamental values and facilitating knowledge exchange. Thanks to this programme, during their time at the school, each student benefits from supervision and support from several mentors. This creates strong links that tend to remain intact after leaving the school.
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