Student Activities at ECAM LaSalle

ECAM LaSalle benefits from a rich and varied associative life with more than 50 student clubs on campus: humanitarian, technical, cultural, sports, … A total of 52 clubs and societies that liven up your campus every single day!



Association Law 1901, the AEI (Association of Student Engineers) has the mission to support, animate and develop student life within the ECAM LaSalle Lyon campus. The AEI team links administration to students; supports clubs in their activities, and organizes the festive events that unite students. A central point of associative life, the AEI strengthens the cohesion of clubs and provides them with valuable support to develop their projects. 





ECAM LaSalle is proud of its rich and varied community life with more than 40 student clubs on campus: humanitarian, technical, cultural, sports, etc. 

Ecology, solidarity and diversity


  • The IEL Club carries values ​​of Inclusiveness, Social Action, Listening and Learning, Respect and Non-Violence. It acts at the heart of the ECAM La Salle campus to offer students prevention actions, workshops, exhibitions and debates to fight against sexist and sexual violence. 



  • EcoECAM is a club which aims to encourage students to adopt an eco-citizen approach within the campus but also in their daily life. It is a club open to all and for all, since in terms of ecology and sustainable development, all forces, even small steps, are good to take! The EcoECAM Club is also carrying out a vegetable garden project on the top of the ECAM LaSalle campus.



  • The ECAM Humanitarian club is mobilizing to help people in need. This club aims to undertake and participate in humanitarian actions in which ECAM students can take part. These actions are multiple, varied and accessible to all. The ECAM Humanitarian club is based on the four principles of humanitarianism: humanity, neutrality, independence and impartiality.



  • The CC club (Christian community) is the chaplaincy of ECAM LaSalle. The objective of this club is to offer all students a spiritual contribution. 
    Masses are offered throughout the year (Christmas, Candlemass, Easter, etc.). 
Culture and leisure


  • The BDA or Bureau des Arts, is the association that manages cultural and artistic activities. It was created 2 years ago and it is now the one who organises the Terrasse ECAM Festival, which takes place every June on the heights of the ECAM LaSalle campus. The BDA is also at the origin of many projects such as Mardis Electro or theater classes for Ecamiens and Ecamiennes. 



  • For enthusiasts or beginners, the fishing club organizes weekly outings in the center of Lyon, in the Saône or the Rhône. All types of fishing are practiced in these rivers. 



  • The ECAM gaming club was created with the aim of bringing students together around a common passion: video games. With this in mind, it is aimed both at those who want to spend a relaxing evening, and more experienced players, with the opportunity to participate in several university leagues. The gaming club actively participates in student life on campus by regularly organizing tournaments of various games during the opening hours of the ECAM bar. 



  • The Board Games Club is a club whose objective is fun. Join other ECAM students for some down time, and clear your mind while playing baord games. No taboos, it’s a club open to everyone! Games afternoons are organized as often as possible during the week. The club offers excursions to nursing homes in Lyon, to spend time with the elderly and create intergenerational exchanges. 



  • A place to express oneself, exchange and share through dance. Dance club offers a contemporary dance course (workshop and/or learning a choreography) for all levels. Shows and choreography sessions are held to allow students to develop their artistic sensitivity. Preferential rates for shows at the Maison de la Danse and for student evenings are also offered. 



  • The Ciné-Club ECAM organizes meetings centered around cinema and student events. 
    The screenings are an opportunity to discover classics as well as more unknown works, as well as to meet other curious people of the 7th Art. 



  • The photo club aims to bring together enthusiasts, amateurs or people simply interested in discovering this activity. Our ambition is to introduce photography to those who wish, while allowing members to progress, discuss and practice together. 



  • The Club Beaux-Arts aims to open the minds of its members to various forms of art and a sharing of skills to improve and enhance the engineers of ECAM. We also cultivate ourselves on different artistic currents. 



  • The music club aims to bring together ECAM musicians and create an environment conducive to musical practice. The club organizesjams”, improvisation sessions where all members can participate. The club also manages the campus music room, including its maintenance and equipment. 



  • The objective of this club is to create podcasts in the form of interviews with ECAM LaSalle graduate engineers. The members of the club design the project from A to Z by proposing engineering profiles, preparing the interviews, carrying out the editing, then communicating on the project. 



  • The club’s objective is to introduce beginners to the world of motorcycling, to organize/participate in outings, to carry out road safety training, driving courses and to create a united team allowing them to develop “the biker spirit”. » within ECAM LaSalle. 




  • The oenology club is an instructive and dynamic way to discover the rich French wine heritage! The club offers tastings of wines from great regions and oenology sessions every month. 


  • This club aims to popularize the art of role-playing. Members meet regularly, at least once a month. 


  • Radio ECAM aims to share information, entertainment and the discovery or rediscovery of our Lyon campus through periodic and varied broadcasts. The purpose is to create a place of listening and exchange that would keep students informed of events, news and Ecamian initiatives. 


  • The main goal of the club is to bring together ECAM sports lovers and to create real sports support on campus. The club aims to generate a new enthusiasm around the sports (especially team-based) of ECAM LaSalle. 



  • The BDS is made up of around ten students aiming to animate your year as well as possible. Thanks to BDS you can join the team of your favorite sport(s) to participate in university tournaments and promote ECAM alongside other universities. Between friendly matches, tournaments or even university leagues, all the ingredients are there for a fan of competitions to flourish. Competition not your thing? You can also register for fun where weekly sessions await you to maintain your dream body.



  • This club is open for everyone, from beginners to experienced players, to have fun and disconnect from the world. Tips and advice during practice sessions allows members to progress. Awards: In 2022, the club participated in the French university championship where the team came 2nd! We are therefore qualified for the 2022 European University Championship where we will be represented by our two French champions.



  • The ECAM La Salle sports hall is managed by the Bureau des Sports, the leading student association for sports practice. It offers ECAM students the opportunity to practice bodybuilding from a gym equipped with various devices: bicycles, rowing machines, dumbbells, etc. Campus students can benefit by paying an annual subscription. Access times are adapted to student life. 


  • More than just Pompoms, the Cheerleading club’s training allows you to improve your flexibility, your sense of rhythm and cohesion, choreography, and teamwork! The club proudly represents ECAM LaSalle during sporting events such as football and rugby matches, but also competing in cheerleading competitions! 



  • The Ski and Mountain Club organizes sports outings and student events. Its purpose is to introduce ECAM students to mountain activities, plan regular training and share experiences between club members. 



  • ECALOHA’M is the club that brings together all the riders of the school regardless of level!
    The list of sports to practice is varied: Indoor surfing in Lyon, Wakeboard on cables, Skateboard Street & Longboard, Surf-skateboard, WESurf project, Ramp project at ECAM
Specialisation and pro


  • The FabLab club is the ECAM LASALLE club which leads, trains and supervises students to help them bring their projects to life. All this is done within the school’s FABLAB, which is now located on the first floor of the BONNETAIN building. The FABLAB is above all a place for sharing knowledge and experimentation where all members discuss their personal projects. 


  • The ECAM Lyon aeronautical club is an association of students who model and set up various projects in the field of aeronautics, including the construction of model aircraft, a solid-fuel rocket or the construction of drones. The club also participates in international competitions such as the FLOAT, LIFT & FLY competition organized by Flying Whales, which involves updating the design of the airship. 





  • The ECAM Space Club is a club created in September 2021 which aims to bring together students passionate about space around common projects or current affairs debates. Through this club, students are confronted with concrete engineering problems. A list of activities and projects has been drawn up for the short, medium and long term. From designing and creating a telescope or model rockets to astrophotography, this club offers innovative and constructive activities for students. 



  • The Robotics Club aims to introduce students to electronics, IT and design to ECAM Lyon students. Through the projects we offer or through their own ideas, students will be able to develop their skills in all these areas as well as put into practice the various theoretical skills they will have learned in class. 



  • The H2 Eco’Innov club (formerly known as the Shell Eco Marathon club) has participated in the Shell Eco Marathon Europe for more than 23 years. This competition consists of making a prototype that is as efficient as possible in terms of energy. 7 years ago, the club chose to turn to hydrogen. The last record dates from 2019, when the club climbed to 5th place in the ranking of its category with a ratio of 381km traveled for 1m3 of hydrogen. This value represents 1200 km per liter of gasoline.



  • The objective of the club is to help Ecamiens to develop their entrepreneurial project. They may have an idea to materialize or even already have a startup. The club offers different areas of reflection and work: information on the world of entrepreneurship, coaching/mentoring (in partnership with the ECAM incubator, TECH 360), idea sharing/experience/network among club members. 
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