Ecological transition : a strategic focus for ECAM LaSalle

The ecological transition is a key priority of the school’s strategic plan, and is reflected in the commitment of our engineering students, partner companies and staff.



The ecological transition should be approached from a cross-disciplinary perspective, through the profound transformation of technical and managerial practices. The school has long pursued its commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility by training students and staff in these areas, joining dedicated ecosystems and through its management of campus operations. This has included the following steps in particular:

> Obtaining the French Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility label for the campus in 2021, which involves creating a dedicated steering committee,

> CIRSES network membership (the French collective for the integration of social responsibility and sustainable development issues in higher education),

> Conducting 2 carbon surveys in 4 years,

> Reducing the carbon emissions and energy consumption of campus buildings in response to the French tertiary sector decree (décret tertiaire),

> Drafting a report on biodiversity,

Developing environmentally friendly modes of transportation on campus.



3 key figures from the Happy At School 2023 student survey:



of respondents say their school prepares them to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s world



of respondents feel that their school is committed to a responsible environmental approach



of respondents feel that societal and environmental issues are sufficiently integrated into their teaching.



Today, the school’s engineering students are strongly committed to playing their part in the process of ecological transition.  The school’s concern for environmental and social issues was recognised in December 2021 when it was awarded the French Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility label. It continues to pursue this priority by offering programmes that integrate these issues.

Through the ECAM Arts et Métiers, ECAM Engineering and the EEM work study programmes, student engineers address 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to energy and digital transition. ECAM LaSalle will continue to develop these ecological and social priorities in all its programmes.

By the time they graduate, student engineers will be able to fully assess the impacts of their decisions and activities on the environment and will have gained an awareness of their position within it. They will have developed their ability to act with discernment and to advance their professional development in synergy with a constantly changing world.

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