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On December 4, 2014, the Safran Group, INSA de Lyon, and ECAM LaSalle joined together to create the research and academic chair Innovative Mechanical Transmissions for Aeronautics (IMTA). For over 15 years, INSA Lyon’s LaMCoS, ECAM LaSalle’s LabECAM, and the SAFRAN Transmission Systems groups  have collaborated to be a top-leader in the field of power transmission.


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Due to rising fuel costs and growing environmental concerns, the aeronautical industry has focused its R&D on improving aircraft engine efficiency. Current projects aim to reduce fuel consumption as well as optimizing part cost and reliability. Accessory drive gearboxes make up one of the major factors in overall system performance. That is why current research is studying methods to optimize their design and integration within the engine. Through these studies, significant increases within the transmission chain are possible, as well as within the propulsion system by modifying the products overall architecture.


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The IMTA Chair is firmly established in the field of sustainable development in the air transportation sector. The purpose of this chair is to privilege and consolidate development in new research topics in the field of mechanical transmission for the aeronautical industry. The chair carries out applied upstream research and bridges the gap between the various approaches by centralizing skills and knowledge from LaMCos (INSA Lyon), LabECAM (ECAM LaSalle), and Hispano-Suiza (SAFRAN group).


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GRDF chair


On 29 October 2020, ECAM LaSalle joined forces with ISARA, GRDF and the French Gas Association to create the teaching chair “Energy Transition Serving Businesses, Sectors and Territories”.

The energy transition is a key component of the ecological transition that presents unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The challenge is a considerable one, requiring a series of major changes in production and energy consumption systems in order to transition towards a world that is more respectful of the planet and invent a sustainable future. Now more than ever, we must innovate, transform organisations and promote new behaviours. This two-year partnership aims to develop innovative cross-disciplinary courses combining life sciences and engineering.


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