ECAM LaSalle, an engineering school


Founded in 1900, ECAM LaSalle ties research, education, and innovation to follow shifts in industry and business. ECAM LaSalle provides academic programs in engineering with rigorous scientific and technical standards, human and social perspectives, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and openness to the world all while maintaining the ethical values at the heart of its mission since its founding. 

The School is managed by the ECAM LaSalle foundation. Its mission is to contribute to an ethical and responsible world through education, science and technology. ECAM LaSalle engineers are trained to think creatively and resolve complex problems, and apply these abilities for the benefit of everyone. ECAM LaSalle graduates have a professional and human obligation to contribute their scientific expertise to an ethical and sustainable future. 



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ECAM LaSalle is recognized as a public interest foundation (Fondation reconnue d’utilité publique) which provides the independence and flexibility needed to continuously adapt its programs to industry’s current needs and to the expectations of students and their families. ECAM LaSalle is a regular pioneer and has progressively grown its offer to currently provide:

  • 4 engineering programs, all accredited by the CTI
  • 1 Bachelor
  • 2 specialized Master’s program


The strong job placement rates of ECAM LaSalle graduates and the remarkable career paths of ECAM engineers demonstrate the relevance of ECAM LaSalle’s model.


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ECAM LaSalle has been perfecting the art and methods of training engineers since 1900. This engineering school has always been able to provide its students with a human and scientific perspective of all major world changes whether economic, technical or industrial. This vision has allowed the students to face the challenges of a constantly changing industrial world.


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Strategic plan

With its wealth of tradition and pride in its specialities, ECAM LaSalle is preparing to enter a new decisive stage in its development  – and has committed to a development plan to span 2015/2025. More than ever, the priority will be innovation and openness. To this aim, the school will strengthen its research capacities and R&D activities with its industrial partners; the range of courses offered will be widened whilst still ensuring stringent selectivity and the high level of scientific, technical and managerial rigour of its courses.


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to social and cultural diversity in an international environment

Personal development

of the students, thanks to impactful projects
Missions & Values
Executive Committee
ECAM LaSalle General Director
Didier Desplanche
Director - Lyon campus
Séverine Delavernhe
Academic Affairs Director
Céline Simon
R&D Activities Director
Christophe Changenet
International Director
Caroline Hanras
Operational Director
Delphine Alainé
ECAM Expert Director
Carine Bourgeaux
Teaching and research departments
Energy Department
Vincent Caillé
Materials and Structures Department
Pierre Lourdin
Automation and IT Department
Christophe Jouve
Industrial Design, Manufacturing and Management Department (C2MI)
André Ernesto
Society, Management and Entrepreneurship Department
Erin Monaghan
Academic programs
ECAM Arts et Métiers : engineering course
Inès Matera
Preparatory class for ECAM Engineering and ECAM Arts et Métiers (Lyon)
Emmanuel Wolff
Work-study training
Corinne Perrat-Chalet
Specialised Master's Degrees
Loïc Gastard
Bachelor in Cybersecurity
Loïc Gastard