ECAM LaSalle offers several courses in continuing education which allows the employee to obtain a diploma recognized by the State at the end of the program.



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ECAM Expert, a subsidiary of ECAM LaSalle created in 2014, is a continuing education and business support organization specializing in organizational transformation.

ECAM Expert brings its know-how and expertise to companies, institutions and teams to deploy and implement a sustainable and virtuous system of excellence at the service of the company’s overall performance: an approach based on tools and continuous improvement methods. ECAM Expert offers a partnership approach with tailor-made projects deployed at all levels of the company, from the management committee to the field teams.

Based on hands-on education and factory schools, ECAM Expert teams have supported more than 200 customers and companies through inter- or intra-company training programs such as yellow belt, green belt, black belt, problem solving, kaizen, gemba…

Find all of ECAM Expert’s offer of short-term and long-term workshops, coaching, consulting, and strategic guidance at www.ecam-expert.fr


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ECAM LaSalle offers several courses in continuing education which allows the employee to obtain a diploma recognized by the State at the end of the program. 

Part-time Master’s Programs 

  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
  • Energy, Exploitation, and Maintenance 


Every year, a dozen professionals join our 3-year work-linked Master’s degree program to obtain an ECAM Specialized Engineering Degree. These students have at least 3 years of professional experience and a technical degree. Students have their apprenticeship with their company that is strongly dedicated to their education program.


Advanced Master’s Program 

  • Lean Management 



The validation of acquired experience process (VAE) allows students to receive academic credit and a degree through their professional experience 

Who can use this?

Professionals who have at least a French bac+2 degree and at least 3 years of professional experience as an engineer 

Which degrees?

2 degrees are accessible through this process 

  • Master’s in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 
  • Master’s in Energy, Exploitation, and Maintenance 


What is the process? 

 – Over-the-phone and in-person interview to evaluate the project’s feasibility
 – Creation of an application that covers the candidate’s professional experience and how it can apply to an ECAM LaSalle degree. Guidance from ECAM LaSalle is available for this step.
 – Presentation and defense to a panel of ECAM LaSalle professors and industry representatives. This final step is to ensure that acquired experience and knowledge applies to the candidate’s educational goals. 


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