Pedagogical model ECAM LaSalle

The ECAM LaSalle educational model takes a practice-based approach founded on the development of innovation and technology skills. It was designed in keeping with the expectations of manufacturers by taking into account the environmental challenges of tomorrow. It aims to train the next generation of responsible and creative engineers, who put their ideas and expertise to work to build a sustainable future.



Project-based learning

Project-based learning motivates students by combining theory with practice. It takes the form of several projects completed throughout the programme that become increasingly complex, gradually integrating all the engineering concepts and methods.

Practical workshops, courses, end-of-studies projects (e.g. a research and development project – PRD), and challenges and events organised by ECAM LaSalle clubs and associations provide students with numerous opportunities to work in groups, develop new skills and use their creativity.


Development and support of autonomy

In addition to transmitting knowledge, ECAM LaSalle professors and teacher-researchers assist engineering students with their projects over the course of their studies by promoting autonomy and group work. The programmes are designed to give engineering students the methods and skills they need to organise and manage projects to become more independent.


Access to technical and scientific resources

Innovation is a key component of ECAM LaSalle’s teaching methods. Engineering students are therefore provided with educational resources and the latest generation equipment to help them develop the skills companies are looking for:



This platform inaugurated in February 2021 is a true factory 4.0, located right on campus. Engineering students now have the opportunity to work with latest generation equipment under the real-world conditions of a factory of the future!



At FabLab, students learn by doing and innovating. The manufacturing workshop is open to all engineering students. They can access a wide range of traditional and digital tools: 3D printers, laser cutting and turner and milling machines.


VR Lab

Virtual reality and augmented reality break down the limits of space, time, distance and security constraints, making it possible to develop new practices in a wide range of fields, including design, prototyping, maintenance and education.


INEXO, Institute of Operational Excellence

INEXO (INstitute of Operational EXcellence) was inaugurated in 2008 with the support of the French Ministry of Industry, becoming the first lean management school-factory in France.

This educational platform offers engineering students and companies optimal support for fun and experimentation-based training.




Expert faculty

The school’s guest speakers, professors and teacher-researchers come from the world of business, higher education and research. This diversity in faculty profiles is a key part of ECAM LaSalle’s educational model, which creates a rich and comprehensive programme for engineering students. ECAM Lasalle’s educational model relies on 5 teaching centres and is designed to cover all the key technical and human aspects involved in engineering training.


Local support services

ECAM LaSalle educational teams are available to support each engineering student in their academic success. They are offered personalised assistance from educational advisors and specific services dedicated to finding internships and jobs.
The school has also made mutual assistance one of its integral values. Second and third-year engineering students sponsor first-year students, helping them get used to everyday life at the school and succeed in their studies.

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