Teaching and research departments

Courses at ECAM LaSalle combine scientific and technical subjects, project management, knowledge of how companies work, excellence in foreign languages, international links and the human dimension.

This combination helps ECAM engineers find their first job quickly and allows them to take on responsible posts in rapidly-developing sectors where their discernment and creativity are particularly appreciated.


Engineering jobs cover a wide range of sectors and activities which are represented in ECAM LaSalle’s five teaching and research departments.

Energy Department

The Energy Centre focuses on two themes: the energy efficiency of systems and machines (modelling how they use energy in order to reduce its consumption) and the management of alternative energy sources (by designing production, conversion, distribution and storage systems). In keeping with ECAM LaSalle tradition, these missions are carried out using a transversal electromechanical approach.



Materials and Structures Department

The ECAM LaSalle Materials and Structures Centre rings together the skills required for the different stages in the transversal development of mechanical systems: design and calculation of structures and materials.



Automation and IT Department

The automation and IT Department combines the fields of computing, automation and electronics to provide teaching, research and development. At ECAM LaSalle, this combination provides the expertise necessary to understand and develop today’s digitally-orientated technologies.



Industrial Design, Manufacturing and Management Department (C2MI) 

The C2MI centre includes all the technical, economic, organisational and human aspects of business activities since people are at the heart of organisations’ performance. The centre’s expertise covers the entire product life cycle: analysis of the client’s real needs and of market expectations; design and manufacture; delivery within time constraints while guaranteeing a fair price.



Society, Management and Entrepreneurship Department

The transversal “Society, Management and Entrepreneurship” (SME) centre gradually introduces its teaching over the different engineering courses, defining its activities in terms of a shared vision: “Encourage the development of interpersonal skills to become humanely responsible in an international environment: grow with humanity”.


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