Values & commitments

For 120 years now, the ECAM LaSalle school has ensured that the founding Lasallian values are transmitted to our students.



ECAM LaSalle is a member of the international network of Lasalliennes universities :

  • Reception and personalized support for young people,
  • Excellence in teaching,
  • Development of the full student potential so that he can gives meaning to its action and serve the community.



An educational project

Our educational contract is built on Lasallian pedagogy, following the educational and spiritual principles of Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. It links and guides the school staff, the families and the students to our common goal: the intellectual, physical, emotionnal, social, moral and spiritual development of the young adult.

school opened to everybody, whatever their ethnic, social or religious background, represents a true challenge that requires:

  • respect of the freedom of thought of each individual
  • recognition of the specific qualities of the Lasallian school’s educational and pastoral philosophy
  • commitment to the success of the educational project from all the participants


Lasallian schools: serving young people

Students are at the heart of the Lasallian schools’ organization and priorities:

• they are welcomed and respected for who they are;
• efforts are made to get to know each one of them individually;
• they are supported to get to know themselves better.

Our students learn to solve advanced problems by assimilating methodology through quality teaching. Students from modest backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply (opportunities for financial aid).



A certain philosophy of education

The school strives to provide the young students with the guidance they need to build their personality by:

–  helping them to develop their crictical thinking; adapting to the evolutions such as new technologies;

– making them aware of their choices regarding modern values;

– developing their sense of personal freedom and autonomy through responsibility and accountability in school life;

– neutralizing any kind of exclusion or violence by building relationships based on trust and respect.

More than 200 training programs,
10 000 students in France,
500 000 worldwide




The Student Life Department is there to listen and help our trainee engineers with any difficulties they might meet in their student life, or indeed in any other areas that could affect progress with their course.


We welcome disabled students   

Are you disabled, and would you like to continue your higher education at ECAM LaSalle?

Faithful to its Lasallian legacy and equal opportunities, the school is committed to the inclusion of disabled students. Whether personalised support or special adaptations, systems are implemented depending on each student’s needs. To ensure that your time studying with us runs smoothly, support is offered by the Student Life Department, the Academic Department, the Campus Operational Department, the campus doctor and the campus SAEP (Psychological Support Service).


Student health and risk prevention   

Well-being and good health are fundamental to students successfully completing their courses. For this reason, ECAM LaSalle provides the following on campus:    

  • A Psychological Support Service (SAEP) with a team of clinical psychologists providing psychological follow-up for students.
  • A series of conferences organised by the SAEP to help prevent the development of mental health problems.   
  • Preventive medicine, with an obligatory medical by a campus doctor for all students during their course at ECAM LaSalle.


Diversity and Equality    

Since 2019, the ECAM LaSalle Equality – Diversity Mission has been acting against all forms of discrimination on campus. The Equality – Diversity Mission oversees the principle of equality and also acts to raise awareness of, and prevent, sexual and gender-based violence and homophobic and transphobic harassment. The Mission is vigilant and committed to combating sexual and moral harassment.

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