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True to its Lasallian values, ECAM LaSalle is dedicated to encouraging the personal and professional fulfilment of all its students. As the campus becomes more and more international, ECAM LaSalle is increasing the number of services available to provide the best possible welcome for both French and international students. 



Year group mentoring is an ECAM LaSalle tradition. It embodies the values the school holds dear: high standards, respect, openness, sharing. Throughout their time at ECAM LaSalle, students are supported by different mentors: 

  • An individual mentor in the 1st year (a 2nd year student) 
  • An individual mentor in the 3rd year (an ECAM graduate from the past 10 years) to help the student develop his or her personal and professional path 
  • A mentor for each year group (an ECAM Engineering graduate and business leader) 
  • A strong relationship is built between the mentors and students and these friendships often last long after the end of even the youngest students’ studies. 





International university mobility projects and the recent opening of the ECAM Engineering programme means that the school welcomes more and more foreign students every year. Today, international students represent 10% of the students on campus, a number that is expected to increase rapidly. 

At the beginning of the school year, to help the international students settle into French culture and to make their stay in Lyon more enjoyable, a network of host families is established. These families live close to the campus and offer the students a reassuring, sympathetic ear while they are far from their own families. 



International students are welcomed at Lyon Saint-Exupery airport or Lyon train station by ECAM staff who take them to the campus and help them settle in. ECAM teams are also available to listen, advise and guide the international students with all their administrative procedures. 

Priority for the rooms in the student halls of residence is given to international students and takes into account the distance from their home country. 




Classes in French language and culture are offered to students on the ECAM Engineering course and to those on University exchanges (study semester /year and Summer School). At the end of the first year, the international students sit a certification exam. 




Every year, the ECAM students’ union organises an integration weekend for the first years joining ECAM ‘Arts et Métiers’ and ECAM Engineering courses. It is a festive, convivial, sporting weekend and, above all, an opportunity for the young student-engineers to meet and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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