ECAM LaSalle often reaches the Top of the Best engineering school national rankings.
They value the quality of its teaching methods, its international opportunities, its close relationships with industries and the great employment rate of its graduates.

Our results attest to the dedication of all our teams to providing each engineering student with the support and resources they need to achieve success and fulfilment.

ECAM Arts et Métiers

The 2023 Eduniversal ranking established ECAM LaSalle as the top general undergraduate engineering school, in particular for the ECAM Arts et Métiers programme. This ranking takes into account the programme’s reputation, the starting salary among graduates, and student satisfaction feedback. 


Classement ECAM Arts et Métiers


ECAM Engineering

In addition to this recognition earned by the ECAM Arts et Métiers general engineering programme this year, the school’s specialist engineering training courses also ranked highly, with ECAM Engineering achieving third place for undergraduate engineering schools specialised in Aeronautics, Mechanics and Automotive. 


Classement ECAM LaSalle Engineering


Specialised engineering through work-study courses

Once again this year, ECAM LaSalle work-study programmes were at the top of the list, earning first place for the Energy Efficiency and Facilities Management programme in the category for post-preparatory class engineering schools specialising in Environment and Development


Classement ECAM LaSalle EEM Alternance


The Industrial and Mechanical Engineering (GIM) programme ranked 4th out of 10 in the category for post-preparatory class engineering schools specialising in Aeronautics, Mechanics and Automotive.


Classement ECAM LaSalle GIM Alternance


Specialised Masters Degrees

This year, the specialised Master in Continuous Improvement Management ranked second among Technological and Industrial Management Masters in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.


Classement ECAM LaSalle MAC


For the first time, the Specialised Master in Energy Transition Management in partnership with emlyon was ranked in the Energies – Renewable Energies Master category among the top 10 best programmes in 7th place. 


Classement ECAM LaSalle MTE


To ensure its engineering students receive a high-quality experience, ECAM LaSalle also participates in surveys conducted by students to assess their level of satisfaction. 

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