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General Information

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Protection of Personal Data

It is not necessary to give your identity or any other personal information in order to consult the ecam.fr website.

ECAM LaSalle is committed to respecting your personal life and to protecting any information you may send us. Specifically, the personal data collected on the Internet site ecam.fr is for the use of ECAM LaSalle and its subsidiaries. This data is confidential and is treated as such.

Pursuant to the French law n° 78-17 of the 6th January 1978, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, you are entitled to access, alter, rectify or remove any identifying personal data you have forwarded to us. You can exercise this right by contacting us at ECAM LaSalle – 40 montée Saint Barthélémy – 69321 Lyon cedex 05 – Telephone: 04 72 72 06 00 – Fax: 04 72 77 06 11

This information is gathered in order to respond to your requests for commercial information and to send you, when appropriate, an electronic newsletter.

In order to bring you products and services tailored to your requirements, some non-personal information, relative to your activity on this site, will be collected automatically. This information is for ECAM LaSalle use and could also be used for our commercial campaigns, for marketing or as a base for studies or analysis.

We will not, under any circumstances, communicate this information to third parties. Only ECAM LaSalle personnel or the agencies assisting us in managing these campaigns have access to the data. These agencies must respect the confidentiality of this information and use it only for the specific campaign in which they are taking part.

Personal data, tracking statistics, security

In order to improve the sections and navigation of our site, we use login data for our browsing statistics (type of browser, number of visitors, sections visited); this information will not be divulged to third parties.

We take every precaution to keep this data confidential and to prevent its communication to unauthorised third parties.


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Intellectual Property Rights

ECAM LaSalle advises the users of this site that many elements on this site:

  • are subject to copyright protection: in particular, this may be the case for photographs, articles, drawings, animated sequences, etc.;
  • and/or are protected by legislation on designs and models;
  • are protected by trademark legislation.

The elements thus protected are the property of ECAM LaSalle or of third parties who have authorised their use by ECAM LaSalle. This site uses visual elements that originate from internal ECAM LaSalle documents or that have been created by NEA for ECAM LaSalle.

In this respect, any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, marketing, in whole or in part, in any manner or form, by means of any process and on any medium (paper, digital or other) are prohibited without the prior written authorisation of ECAM LaSalle, save for those exceptions referred to in article L 122.5 of the French Intellectual Property Code, at the risk of constituting a breach in the copyrights of the author and/or of the legislation protecting design and models and/or trademarks, punishable by two years imprisonment and a fine of 150 000€.

Copyright and/or Design Rights

The present site is a work of which NEA is the author in accordance with articles L. 111.1 and following articles of the French Intellectual Property Code. The design and development of said site were carried out by Iris Interactive.

The photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sequences, with or without sound, as well as any other works included in the website are the property of ECAM LaSalle or of third parties having authorised ECAM LaSalle to use them.

The reproduction, on paper or on electronic media, of the said website is authorised provided it is strictly limited to personal use precluding advertising and/or commercial and/or information purposes and/or providing it complies with article L122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Information relative to the products

The information and illustrations presented on the pages of this website are based on technical characteristics current at the time of publication or when specific pages were updated.

In the framework of a quality policy aimed at the constant improvement of our products and services, ECAM LaSalle may modify the characteristics of its offer at any time. The products and/or services presented on this site correspond to those distributed in metropolitan France. The products may vary and not be available in all countries of the world.

In any case, the information contained on this site is of a general nature and does not have contractual value.

Applicable Law

The ecamengineering.com Internet site and the general conditions presented here are subject to French law and are drawn up in French.

Limitation of Liability

Use of the ecamengineering.com site is under your sole and entire responsibility. ECAM LaSalle cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, such as, notably, physical damage, loss of data or programmes, financial loss, that result from the use of this site or sites linked to it.


ECAM LaSalle reserves the right to modify and update these legal notices and all the elements and products presented on the site without prior notice. These modifications apply to all web users who should read these general conditions each time they connect.

Reproduction on paper

With the exception of iconography, the reproduction of pages from this site on paper is authorised, subject to meeting the three following conditions:

  • distribution must be free
  • documents must be reproduced in their entirety (no modifications or alterations of any kind)
  • explicit reference to the ecamengineering.com site as the source must be made and notice that reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.

Reproduction on electronic media

Reproduction of all or part of the site on electronic media is authorised provided that the source (ecamengineering.com) and the notice « all rights reserved» are added in a clear and legible manner. The information shall be for personal or associative use only; any use for commercial ends is prohibited except with the prior written agreement from ECAM LaSalle.