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ECAM LaSalle privileges personalized and quality relationships with its business partnerships, from SME’s to multinationals.

Partnerships are adapted to the partner company’s needs and resources (human and financial. Partnerships focus on developing employer brand : 

  • Employment sourcing (internships and careers) 
  • Participating in educational activities 
  • Partners forge privileged and long-lasting relations with the School and form the heart of its activities. 



When partner companies talk directly with students about recruitment or technical or innovative challenges, they benefit from a fresh pair of eyes from a young generation. Companies are also able to identify rising stars that correspond to their future recruiting needs. ECAM LaSalle has always privileged strong ties between students and businesses and offer different ways to meet. 

Throughout the year, students and industry are given multiple opportunities to have relaxed and substantive meetings. 

  • CAREER NIGHTS: 3-5 companies send representatives to talk about various careers in engineering as well as present their own career opportunities. Career nights start with a panel discussion and end with an informal networking session. 
  • STUDENT-INDUSTRY LUNCH: Select groups of students meet company representatives for an on-campus networking lunch. 
  • INDUSTRY PRESENTATION: A time for only one company to present to interested students its careers as well as internship or employment opportunities. 
  • INDUSTRY VISITS : Students have particularly appreciated company visits as they give students a chance to see the inner workings of industry facilities. 



Companies are able to boost their visibility by: 

  • Creating a dedicate page on the School’s internship and corporate event platform. Offers on the platform reach twice as many students than average. 
  • Gaining access to the ECAM LaSalle student CV platform 
  • Transmitting corporate events to selected students 
  • Student ambassadors can represent the company on campus to promote its corporate culture and career opportunities. 


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