LabECAM research fields

LabECAM’s multidisciplinary research teams enable it to offer a wide range of skills in the fields of mechanics, materials science, energy engineering and automated electrical systems. The research centre works on two main themes: system energy efficiency and microstructural material modification.

Beyond these two engineering science themes, the ECAM LaSalle Lyon campus is also developing operational excellence research related to new organisation of production facilities for the factory of the future.





Mechanical transmissions are an important part of building for tomorrow. These systems are indeed involved in many industrial sectors in mechanical and energy engineering: transport, machine tools and agricultural equipment, energy production, etc. They must therefore contribute to environmentally friendly industrial and societal change: green transport, the ecological transition, industry 4.0.

The research centre’s work on mechanical transmissions has three main themes:


Thermal and performance modelling :

  • Thermal modelling of mechanical transmissions – thermal networks
  • Performance analysis of gearboxes
  • Analysis and digital simulation of gearbox lubrication


Durability and reliability :

  • Microstructural digital simulation of mechanical component fatigue
  • Surveillance and diagnosis of mechanical transmissions – digital twin maintenance


Electrification and decarbonisation :

  • Thermal behaviour of electric motors
  • Electronic health monitoring of power systems


Materials research field

  • MIM-like 3D printing of metal
  • Recyclability of materials
  • Charged polymers


Energy efficiency research field

  • Advanced regulation of heat engines
  • Control and command of air treatment systems (HVAC – air handler)
  • Digital modelling of fluid flow in turbines
  • Energy modelling of heat exchangers


Organisational learning and continuous improvement research field

  • Lean Management
  • Lean 4.0 transition

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