Ecole ECAM LaSalle

Society, Management and Entrepreneurship Department

The department, « Society, Management & Entrepreneurship », prepares students for the work force through a robust academic program that is delivered in conjunction with their technical studies. This program has been built around the shared vision of fostering the general education of our students so that they become responsible leaders in an international environment.

Beyond their technical expertise, engineers must possess the soft and hard skills that at the core of management: interpersonal skills, project management, leadership, adaptability, analysis, creativity, innovation, etc.

Key words

  • Self-awareness (personal development, psychology)
  • Business knowledge (communication, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, human resources)
  • Cultural awareness (ethics, international relations, foreign languages)
  • Employability (professional project, job & internship hunting)
  • Learning organization and Lean Management
  • Sports

Diverse and innovative pedagogy

The SME program uses interactive pedagogical approaches in order to reinforce autonomy, responsibility, and civic awareness. These courses represent roughly 20% of the overall curriculum.

SME cultivates the personal, professional, cultural and linguistic development of ECAM’s students. By deepening an individual’s self-awareness, he or she will be able to better contribute to our society, and to their future places of employment.

Our faculty is made of lecturers, researchers, professionals, consultants, coaches and managers. This diversity helps our students to have a concrete understanding of professional environments.

Our research activity centers on learning organizations and uses the innovative platform INEXO – a replica of a factory on our campus – to teach lean management.