Strategic plan

With its wealth of tradition and pride in its specialities, ECAM LaSalle is preparing to enter a new decisive stage in its development – and has committed to a development plan to span 2015/2025.

More than ever, the priority will be innovation and openness. To this aim, the school will strengthen its research capacities and R&D activities with its industrial partners; the range of courses offered will be widened whilst still ensuring stringent selectivity and the high level of scientific, technical and managerial rigour of its courses.

By 2025, the campus, in the heart of Lyon, will welcome twice as many students as it does today. These students, from all over the world, will benefit from the ideal conditions this campus offers for their success and fulfilment: a convivial, connected, creative, living and studying environment that is exemplary in terms of energy efficiency.

These new developments are fully consistent with the Lassalian values on which ECAM LaSalle is built. The school works closely with the students and supports both them and their families. A sense of fulfilment, work, commitment and respect is paramount.




An open, modern Campus

In order to respond to the increasing number of students and to be able to include new learning methods, ECAM LaSalle is equipping the campus so that all the students benefit from the best possible conditions to ensure their success and fulfilment. Since 2015, the campus has been growing on the Fourviere hill. During the summer of 2016, an important phase of building began to create new spaces for both work and leisure: the vertical extension of the teaching buildings, the installation of a new technology platform, and the creation of a restaurant space to name but a few.

Construction of a 350-seat amphitheater




Development of co-working spaces, a fablab, new classrooms and a research platform of 300m²

New dining space on the top of the campus.

An open and green campus with balconies on the student residence.