In February 2017, the Politecnico di Torino and the ECAM Lyon Engineering School created a Systemic Design Research and Education Center : SYDERE Center.

Objectives of the SYDERE Center

Based in Lyon (France) in the ECAM campus, the SYDERE Center is intented to be a platorm where Research, Education and Industry convey.

The mission of the Center is to diffuse, develop and promote the systemic design approach that contributes to obtain sustainable products and services for the new contemporary cities and territories. The Center is designed to be a multidisciplinary platform that gathers experts from different fields to generate interdisciplinary research and education outputs.

The output of the SYDERE center will be to contribute to the education of Italian, French and foreign students that will then disseminate methodologies to generate sustainable products/services and industrial models for a better society. The research will generate research graduates and publications that will contribute to the knowledge corpus of systemic approach applied to industrial (even agricultural) activities and society in general.

The SYDERE is to become a European academic center based on strong relationship beteween Piemonte region and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Activities of the SYDERE Center

The SYDERE Center will operate in four interrelated directions :

  • Education and Research Activities
  • Collaboration with Private and Public Bodies
  • Project and Consulting in Systemic Design
  • Communication and Promotion of Systemic Design