Engineering School

Founded in 1900, ECAM Lyon ties research, education, and innovation to follow shifts in industry and business. ECAM Lyon provides academic programs in engineering with rigorous scientific and technical standards, human and social perspectives, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and openness to the world all while maintaining the ethical values at the heart of its mission since its founding.

ECAM Lyon engineers are trained to think creatively and resolve complex problems, and apply these abilities for the benefit of everyone. ECAM Lyon graduates have a professional and human obligation to contribute their scientific expertise to an ethical and sustainable future.

ECAM Lyon is recognized as a public interest foundation (Fondation reconnue d’utilité publique) which provides the independence and flexibility needed to continuously adapt its programs to industry’s current needs and to the expectations of students and their families. ECAM Lyon is a regular pioneer and has progressively grown its offer to currently provide:

  • 5 engineering programs, all accredited by the CTI
  • 1 specialized Master’s program
  • Foundation year programs

The strong job placement rates of ECAM Lyon graduates and the remarkable career paths of ECAM engineers demonstrate the relevance of ECAM Lyon’s model. 

Yves_ColliouConvinced that scientific progress and innovations must stay in the service of humanity, we want to give each student the confidence, knowledge, and perspective to allow them to create businesses with humanity.
Yves Colliou, Fondation ECAM President, former GDF-SUEZ Vice-General Director

External Campuses

ECAM Lyon’s development rests on opening external campuses that promises wider outreach and momentum in its academic programs. With over 1300 students on its Lyon Campus, ECAM Lyon has proven itself as a strong player in engineering education.

To respond to the needs of industry, institutions, and students, ECAM Lyon created its first external campus, ECAM de l’Ain Bourg-en-Bresse with the support of the Ain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Ain). This campus provides education opportunities in underserved areas of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. CCI Ain hosts ECAM Lyon in its CCI Formation facilities and finances the studies of students. ECAM Lyon would like to genuinely thank its partner and particularly Jean-Marc Bailly, CCI Ain President, for his dedication to promoting higher education in the Ain department.

ECAM Lyon and the Communauté de Communes de la Plaine de l’Ain joined forces to create a foundation year program with student status in the city of Ambérieu-en-Bugey. The ECAM Ambérieu campus is in a rapidly developing ocal business center.


The Réunion Region and the Centre de Formation des Apprentis de l’Enseignement Catholique de la Réunion support ECAM Lyon in the creation of an ECAM campus in Réunion. They actively follow the project, greatly contribute to financing academics, and participate in the administrative management.



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