Personal and Professional Development and Languages

Human Skills Department: professional and linguistic development

Beyond their technical expertise, Engineers must possess the behavioural skills that are essential in management: interpersonal relations, project management, team leadership, the ability to adapt, to analyse, be creative and innovative.

The « Personal and Professional Development and Languages » department prepares students for the demands of new forms of business by rolling out its teachings progressively throughout the Engineering programmes.

The main objective of the « Personal and Professional Development and Languages » department (FHL) is to strengthen the students’ knowledge of how to conduct themselves in an international context.  This dynamic is driven by the fact that almost 25% of the teaching is carried out using innovative pedagogical tools.

Key words

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Ethical awareness and engagement
  • foreign languages and interculturality
  • leadership and project management
  • self knowledge

A multifaceted, innovative pedagogical approach

The FHL department is developing a variety of courses taught using interactive methods, often taking place off-campus, to strengthen autonomy, a sense of responsibility and civic awareness.  These courses range from teaching innovations such as the M.I.M.E.® method (Initiation method for Entrepreneurship), through to experiments in the field on the « Engagement & Responsibility » programme, to spelling certification through e-learning and also to foreign language courses.

The teachers at the FHL department are convinced that individuals themselves are the strong link in any chain, providing they are prepared to deepen their self-knowledge, improve their ability to interact within their environment and thus to find their place in the company. Their teaching therefore encourages personal, professional and managerial development.

The FHL department speakers, whether from a consulting or operational background, provide a practical dimension to the curriculum and help the students develop their future professional attitude.